Custom Car Revival 2019


CCR 2019


Time to block the date for the Custom Car Revival, the All Traditional Custom Car Show in Indianapolis in your agenda. This year the registration only event will be held on Saturday June 8, 2019


Mark your calendar for the 100% all traditional Custom Car Show. The 2019 event will start on Thursday June 6th in the evening, more cars coming on Friday, and on Saturday June 8th, the actual show will be held from 9am to 4pm at Edwards Drive-in 2126 S. Sherman Drive Indianapolis, IN.

More info about the show can be found on the Custom Car Revival website, Facebook page, or contact Kevin Anderson or phone: 317 4327733

Below are a few photos from the previous show.












ANNOUNCING Customs & Kustoms Show 2017




The Second Annual Customs & Kustoms РA meet for you that have a traditional custom car that will be held at Ellos Park , Sweden July 14-15-2017.

You and your closest are welcome to the Second Annual Customs & Kustoms to celibrate traditional Custom Cars, Custom Art and Custom Craft!
The event will be held at Ellös Park on the West Coast of Sweden 14-15 July 2017. This is an all Custom Car based on American cars from 1935 to 1964 event, so there are no Hot Rods, Race Cars, Low Riders or Stock cars allowed. More information about the rules for this can be found on the Customs & Kustoms website listed at the end of this article.

The Event will be held in a park which include separate parking for your custom and large campsite for tent and trailers. There is also a parking for regular cars in case you want to stay at the campsite but do not have a Custom to enter the event.

Customs & Kustoms is a meet for you that have an American car made between 1935 and 1964 modified in the manner as custom cars were built in that era.

The name of the meet origin from the fact that George Barris coined the name Kustoms spelled customs with a ‚ÄúK‚ÄĚ therefore we see the era before 1949 as Customs & the one after 1949 as Kustoms.

  • 1935 to 1948
    One of the three periods in this golden days of Customs and Kustoms will be 1935 to 1948 as in early customs.
    This period will be cars and parts made in this era or repops(reproductions) of parts that was present in that era.
    Cars to be built in the way as the early customs were built!
  • 1949 to 1954
    Next period of Kustoms is 1949 to 1954 which will be cars from 1935 to 1954 and made by parts made in the same era or repops on parts that was present in that era.
  • 1955 to 1964
    The last era of Kustoms 1955 to 1964 which is cars made from 1935 to 1964 and made by parts made in the same era or repops on parts that was present in that era.


Customs & Kustoms will be held at:
Glimsåsvägen 11
474 32 Ellös


More impressions from the first Annual Customs & Kustoms event from 2016 can be seen on the Custom Car Chronicle website and forum

Addition and Contact Information can be found on the Customs & Kustoms WEBSITE



2014 Custom Car Revival


A Weekend Exclusively for Traditional Customs. No Hot Rods. No Street Rods. No Muscle Cars. No Rat Rods. No Rat Customs.

The Midwest 2014 Custom Car Revival is a traditional custom car show.
Paint or primer, if it’s a traditional custom, you’re in.



[box_light]Custom Car Revival
June 14, 2014 9am to 5pm
Edwards Drive-in 2126 S. Sherman Drive
Indianapolis, IN[/box_light]

Here is a schedule of events.

Thursday 6/12 afternoon/early eve 
Holiday Inn Express/Host Hotel “Parking Lot Social” complete with water hoses, towels, buckets, and beverages.
Soak in the beauty of a parking lot filled with “Traditional Custom” Cars. Edwards Drive Inn will be on site with their huge 1950’s themed food truck, giving away food and drink to all registered participants.

Thursday 6/12 evening (maybe around 7:00)?
For those who might enjoy a “Need for Speed” (and crazy fun!), we’ll venture across the highway (I-465) to “Great Times” Amusement Park to test our skills with their speedy Go-kart on their multiple tracks, including their “Road Course” with twists and turns and their “Slick Track” oval track. Bugs and tire rubber in teeth are optional. This will be big fun!!!

Friday 6/13 9:00-4:00+/-
Our “Drive Day” will be lots of fun, as we’ll separate into two groups and see two or three great Indy sites.¬†Both groups will see all locations. These will include the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (home of the Indy 500/Brickyard 500) & their incredible museum, if time permits the Dallarra Indy Car manufacturing facility (which is an amazing facility) and also to the ¬†Indianapolis Central Canal, where particpants can choose to spend a couple of hours touring the beautiful canal, renting paddle boats or a Segway, visiting the spectacular Indiana State Museum, the NCAA Hall of Fame, a IMAX movie or visiting the amazing Eiteljorg Museum filled with spectacular paintings, art and sculptures depicting Western America. It’s really cool.

Friday 6/13 4:00-6:30+/-
More “Parking Lot Social” and time to take a break.

Friday 6:30+/- to ?
We’ll caravan to the “Fountain Square” District, nearby for dinner, antiques, barbeque, nick-nack shopping, roof-top dining, tequila bars, live music and likely a possibility of swing dancing to live ’30’s-’40’s music, in a restored, period correct, huuuuge ballroom/venue. Bring yer camera!

We’ll be providing addresses and detailed maps for all of the driving locations…and of course Saturday is “Show Day” !

More info can be found on the Custom Car Revival Website or Facebook page.





Below you can see a small collection of photos from the 2013 Custom Car Revival.





















Mid 50’s Hollywood Park Car Show




These snapshot give a very nice impression of the perfect day for a young kid in the mid 1950’s who visited an outdoor custom car / hot rod show.¬†Great weather, a huge parking lot and a great selection of custom cars are the perfect ingredients for that.

We at the Custom Car Chronicle always love it when some new never before published photos of some of the famous custom cars from the golden ages, show up. These 7 snapshots were donated to the Custom Car Photo Archive after being hidden in a personal collection for nearly 60 years. But now the owner (who wants to stay unanimous) thinks it is time to share them with the rest of the people in the world who would appreciate them. He mentioned that he took the photos Рwhen he was only ten years old Рusing his Box Brownie camera. The car show he attended was held at the parking lot of the Hollywood Park, a famous horse racing track in Inglewood California.

The owner of the photos mentioned he took these photos in 1953, but looking at the cars I would say the show must have been held in 1954, or early 1955.When I started to study the photos really well I recognized the location and cars in the background from photos used in some of the Barris books.
Ina Mae Overman also took some very nice color slides of cars at this event. One of the photos shows her 1952 Lincoln built by the Valley Custom Shop.
A lot of the cars shown in these photos, in the for and back ground are quite popular magazine cover or feature cars. This must have been quite a big show, especially for that time.

CCC-Tom-Love-1947-Ford-01-W 1947 Ford sedan with a great speedboat stance and some mild customizing belongs to Tom Love from Glendale. The background shows the Main building of the Horse track. This photo also shows that the cars are parked with ropes around it leaving plenty of space between the cars and public.

CCC-Chuck-DeWitt-1950-Ford-01-WChuck DeWitt’s 1950 Ford convertible customized by the Barris Kustom Shop. This version shows the much more attractive 1953 Cadillac hubcaps instead of the better known version with the wire wheel hubcaps. Not to long after these photos were taken, the car would be repainted white below the side trim.

CCC-Ray-More-1952Ford-01-WCustomized floating grille bar and 1953 Chevy grille surround in the first version of the Ray More 1952 Ford. Later Larry Watson would paint this car in several amazing versions when the car was owned by Pete Angress.

CCC-Hirohata-1951-Mercury-01-WBob Hirohata’s 1951 Mercury with both the hood and trunk open. Possibly the Ray More 1952 Ford on the right side behind Bob’s Mercury. This photo also gives us a good view on the characteristic square windows of the main building.

CCC-Joy-Ferguson-1954-Olds-01-WJoy Ferguson brought his 1954 Oldsmobile from Santa Barbara to the show. His Oldsmobile was also customized at the Barris Shop with extended rear fenders and Packard taillights. Painted white and “fluorescent pink”.

CCC-Overman-1952-Lincoln-01-WIna Mae Overman her 1952 Lincoln Capri in its second version customized by the Valley Custom Car shop. Behind the Lincoln we can see the sectioned 1950 Ford sedan once built by a very young Sam Foose for Don Britton. Later the car was repainted off-white as we can see in this photo. On the left side we can see the Barris built Tommy Thornburgh 1947 Studebaker convertible.


CCC-Drag-Car-01-HollywoodPark-WThe only car I cannot identify in these photos is this 1932 Ford sedan with canted 1940 Ford hood drag car. What I do know is that the car is maroon with white or yellow flames. The car has similar ingredients as an early Dean Moon racer. But I do not think this is the same car. I hope somebody will be able to identify it.



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