Parking Lot Photo Poster




The famous Colorized 1954 Thrifty Drug Store Parking Lot Show photo is now available as high quality large Photo-Poster.


Originally created as part of an Rodder’s Journal Article (issue # 33) in 2006 by CCC-Editor Rik Hoving. The original, already amazing black and white photo was taken in 1954 at an Car show organized at an Los Angeles Thrifty Drug Store parking lot. Rik Hoving spend over a month meticulously adding color to every little detail of this photo, to make a brilliant color photo. Showing all the amazing top class Custom Cars in full color like you have never seen before. The prints from the Rodder’s Journal are nice, but wait until you see this image done as the Photo Enlargement Poster now offered by the Custom Car Chronicle. The glossy photo paper and used techniques create very deep colors, and replicate details from the original image you have not seen before. This poster (24 x 20 inch USA, or 75 x 50 cm Europe /World) is a huge color photo, far superior than the regular RJ poster in colors, sharpness and appearance. Plus this poster comes with the full image as how it was developed in 1954, with no text or logo’s added, ready for you to frame and hang on the wall. Check out THIS CCC-Article for all the info on this amazing photo.

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Photo Poster 24 x 20 inch USA Order



Photo Poster 75 x 50 centimeter Europe / World Order



If you have any questions, or want to order more than one poster, please Email Rik at the Custom Car Chronicle, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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The Photo Posters will be created and packaged by professionals, and the most care will be taken to get the poster to your door in perfect condition. The Posters will be shipped flat protected by heavy cardboard in the USA. In Europe and the rest of the world the posters will be shipped, rolled up in soft protective paper, inside a square protective box.