November 29, 2017

Colorized Custom Car Photo Posters




NOW finally available from the Custom Car Chronicle. A series of 30 x 20 inch Photo Posters of the famous Colorized Custom Car images.

Created by Rik Hoving from old black and white photos, painstakingly digitally colorized to create an unique look into the wonderful Custom Car Colors of days gone by. These high-res images are printed on heavy, super glossy high quality photo paper, and are perfect to decorate your office, living room, or where ever you want some good looking Custom Car History on your wall.x


Each Poster sells for $65.- which includes World-Wide Shipping.

You can also order more than one poster at a discount price. 2 Posters are $110.- (including World-Wide Shipping)
3 Posters are $145.-(including World-Wide Shipping). If you want more than 3, please send Rik Hoving an email to inform about the options.

Each individual poster shown below has a PayPal Buy it Now button. If you want to order 2 or 3 posters, use the buttons for those below and specify which posters you want to order in your Paypal Payment, or send Rik Hoving an email. You will receive an confirmation email from us before the order will be shipped out to confirm the Photos Poster number(s) you have ordered.









Discount set of 2 Posters

(Please specify which posters (A thru H) you like to have on the Paypal order form.)


Discount set of 3 Posters

(Please specify which posters (A thru H) you like to have on the Paypal order form.)


When ordering with the 2 or 3 Poster Button, please make sure to send Rik an email specifying which posters you want. Thank you.

The Photo Posters will be created and packaged by professionals, and the most care will be taken to get the poster to your door in perfect condition. The Posters will be shipped flat protected by heavy cardboard in the USA. In Europe and the rest of the world the posters will be shipped, rolled up in soft protective paper, inside a square protective box.


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About the Author

Rik Hoving
Rik is the CCC editor in chief. As a custom car historian he is researching custom car history for many years. In 2004 he started the Custom Car Photo Archive that has become a place of joy for many custom car enthousiasts. Here at CCC Rik will bring you inspiring articles on the history of custom cars and builders. Like a true photo detective he will show us what's going on in all those amazing photos. He will write stories about everything you want to know in the realm of customizing. In daily life Rik is a Graphic Designer. He is married to the CCC webmaster and the father of a 10 year old son (they are both very happy with his excellent cooking skills)


  1. I am excited about these!! I have all the smaller ones you did before but now to have a larger version even better.


  2. These are gorgeous photos. Very exciting to have these inside hanging on the walls.


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