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Garland’s Business Card


Paul Garland has been doing some amazing period Custom Car and Hot Rod work for some time. Recently he created some fine T-shirts and this wonderful Business Card to promote his body shop


The fourth business card we would like to highlight in our series on business cards is not a vintage card like the previous three were. Paul Garland created these business cards in 2013, they are brand new. However, just like the excellent styling and beautiful craftsmanship Paul Garland shows in the work he does in his Sacramento based body shop, he also takes his business promotion very serious. Paul had a very specific idea how his business card should look like, and how it should breath the late 1940’s early 1950’s. Both in style and how it was created. Brent Rector is responsible for the design of Business Card. The image of the car used is the 1940 Mercury that Harry Westergard built in the 1940’s for Butler Rugard. I had seen a photo of Paul’s business card some time ago, and I liked it a lot. but it was not until I hold it in my hand that I realized how nice this card really is.


The card is printed in a wonderful grayish maroon on soft off white very heavy paper/cardboard. The printing technique Paul used, embossed all printed sections deep into the paper. This gives the card a really wonderful 3-D effect and makes it feel old and good quality, like it was produced 60-70 years ago. The layout and artwork is also styled like it could have back then, and the combination of design and techniques make this modern card fit our Custom Car Business Card Series really well.



I’m not sure how many Paul created of these amazing business cards, but I’m very happy I have one in my collection now. This sure is one of the nicest Business Cards I have seen in a long time.
Paul’s business T-Shirts are equally nice, and we will show those  here on the CCC soon as well.

To get in contact with Paul Garland, give him a call at the number you can see on his Business Card, or send him an email. email Paul




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