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Mid 50’s Outdoor Car Shows part 3


Part three in the series of Ina Mae Overman’s mid-late 1950’s outdoor car shows. This time we take a closer look at the Car Show photos taken at Hollywood Park.

This is the third article in the out-door car show series of photos taken by Ina Mae Overman. Ina Mae had entered her car at a pretty large Car Show held in Inglewood, Ca. on the huge parking lot at the Hollywood Park Horse track. By the looks of the cars that Ina May photographed this must have been a pretty important show. The year was either 1955, or early 1956. Ina Mae’s Lincoln can be seen in the white version which dates the show. A little while ago we did another article on this same show based on a series of black and white snapshot photos. Lets take a look at some of the wonderful cars and photos that Ina May took that day.

There will be more exciting Ina Mae Overman photos of this show in another upcoming article, so stay tuned.

[box_light]When Ina Mae Overman showed her Valley Custom Shop created, 1952 Lincoln Capri at some of the 1950’s Californian Car Show, she always brought her camera. At these shows she took some of the most amazing color slides. Fortunately for all of us she has always kept those slides and here daughter Marry Ellen Marcy started to scan and share them several years ago. The Custom Car Chronicle is proud to be able to share these amazing photos with you.
Check out the rest of the Ina May Overman Collection on the CCC-Site.[/box_light]

CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-04Mildly customized 1949 Oldsmobile Coupe shows that some cars do not need a lot of customizing to look absolutely stunning. Shaved handles and trim, lowered suspension, frenched headlights, a set of Appleton Spotlights and 1954 Oldsmobile hupcaps on wide whites was all it took to create this head turning custom.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-01Interesting two tone separation on this first generation Corvette.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-02A cropped section of the photo above, show Chuck deWitt’s Shoebox behind a fence, Not that the car has 1953 Cadillac hubcaps then. Last in the row is an lowered 1949-50 Merc. In front of Chuck’s Ford is a 1940 Ford Pick Up (most likely Fuzzy Luscari’s 1940 Ford pickup) and Tom Love’s dark purple 1947 Ford sedan.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-03Amazing looking model T Roadster painted a wonderful dark metallic green with big & little white wall tires, bright yellow wheels and 1950 Mercury hubcaps with beauty rings. The engine appears to be a four banger painted bright red. Despite Ina Mae was much more into Custom Cars she took some photos of good looking Hot Rods as well. And clearly this fine looking model-T fitted here criteria.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-11This amazing photo captured by Ina Mae, shows the back of some very famous customs from the early-mid 1950’s. We can see from right to left; Don Coulters Barris created 1955 Oldsmobile followed on left by Sam Barris’s personal 1952 Ford convertible. Followed by a rare color photo of Louis Bettancourt 1949 Mercury originally built by the Ayala’s and rebuilt by Barris. This must have been shortly before the car was sold to Johnny Zupan and had Barris redo the car once again. This photo shows the car in the Barris added Tingia maroon paint. Next to the Bettancourt Mercury we can spot Tad Hirai’s 1950 Ford by the Valley Custom Shop. What a line-up!




CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-06Ina May thought this Model- A Hot rod looked really great in the reflection of this smooth aftermarket hubcap on a Shoebox Ford… and so did we. We have added a cropped version to show some more details.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-07Interesting combination from 1954 Oldsmobile for the front section and same year Cadillac for the rear section of this car. It looks more like a factory custom with most of the trim and handles still in place and the rather high stance. Ina Mae’s 1952 Lincoln can be seen on the far left side of this photo.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-08In the second part of this series of articles we showed you another photo of  this Dick Kraft Roadster. This photo shows the wonderful color of the car a little better. Barris Custom Shop did the paintwork on the Roadster hence the Barris crests on the cowl.


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-09In the back ground of the photo above we can see this  chopped padded top 1941-48 Ford.. I guess once a custom now turned Hot Rod?


CCC_ina-mae-outdoor3-10Another great reflection photo shows a similar hubcap as the one above, but this one with a line of cars getting ready to enter the show.


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  • In Part 3 of the Ina Mae Overman collection the picture of Chuck DeWitt’s ford has a light blue 50 Merc sitting to the rear of it that looks to be sectioned and not chopped. You reckon that’s an illusion of the photo.

    • It sure does look a bit that way Gary. But as you say it most likely is an illusion created by a combination of the photo distortion and how the light shows the curve from the fender to the hood. The rest of the car appears to be pretty stock, just lowered.

  • Thanks for the great publication of historic events Rik!
    Any pictures of the -53 merc on right side of -49 old in Inas outdoor #3?(on left is Inas Linc.)

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