40s NorCal Hot Rod Photos part 2


Ed Jensen’s Collection shows an series of unique Custom Car and Hot Rod photos from the ’40’s Nor-Cal scene in his collection. This is part 2 of the series on Ed’s Hot Rod photos.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have been sharing some of the amazing photos of the Ed Jenson Collection in a few other CCC-Articles The link to those can be found in the bar below this writing. Sadly Ed is no longer with us, and he did not provide any information with these photos. So many of these cars are unidentified right now. But perhaps some of our viewers can help us identify these cars and we can add names to the car owners. What we do have is a selection of really great snapshots from the early 1940’s Sacramento, and surrounding Hot Rod scene.

These snapshots give us a really good feeling how it must have been back then, dirt or dirty roads, bare to the bones Hot Rods driving the street and used for the races and on the lakes in the weekend. We hope you will enjoy these 40s NorCal Hot Rod Photos.

[box_light]The photos in this article come from the Ed Jensons Collection. They were shared by Tim Cunha and scanned by Curtis Leipold. More amazing photos from the Ed Jenson 1940’s photo collection can be seen in the Ed Jensons section.[/box_light]

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-11Connie Weidell’s nicely styled Model T roadster with side mounted exhaust and two carburetor stacks protruding thru the hood. Cut down ’32 Ford grille and good looking big and bigger white wall tires. (thank you Harley Peters for identifying it)
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-20Model A-Roadster with a ’35 Cadillac dash adapted for a much more exclusive look.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-14This ’29 Model A-Roadster is probably the same one as the photo above with the ’35 Caddy dash. I guess its the owner who is hiding out behind the two Carb intake.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-17’39 Ford Phaeton with winter tires on the back.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-16Another Model A Ford Roadster, this time one with the fenders still on. It looks like it was dressed up with some longer chrome plated headlights.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-15Model A-Roadster in the works at this small size garage.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-13Nice looking ’32 Ford Roadster with chopped windshield, dressed up two carb-ed flathead engine and nice looking ’36 Ford headlights.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-25’42 License plate is mounted on this ’32 Ford Roadster with removed front fenders and running boards.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-23Apparently the guys from the Sacramento scene also visited the speed shops in So-Cal. The guy in the photo looks like one of the owners of a ’36 Ford Coupe in another Ed Jenson article here on the CCC. The were visiting the Eddie Meyer Sunset Blvd. shop in Hollywood and thought it was special enough to take a snapshot of it.


CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-26Close up of the two carb-ed four banger engine from Model A-5-window coupe we showed in the first article on the Hot Rod photos of ed.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-27Two more two Flatheads with stock heads and two carb intakes.


CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-29’29 Model A-Roadster with ’32 Ford grille and frame on the streets of Sacramento.
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-21’46-47 Cadillac Sedanette with Spotlights added. 
CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-22Model T Roadster at the race tracks Getting ready for the race.














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