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40s NorCal Hot Rod Photos part 1


Besides Custom Car photos, Ed Jensen also had a series of Hot Rod photos from the ’40’s Nor-Cal scene in his collection. Amazing material, we will create¬†two articles using these fantastic images.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have been sharing some of the amazing photos of the Ed Jenson Collection in a few other CCC-Articles The link to those can be found in the bar below this writing. Sadly Ed is no longer with us, and he did not provide any information with these photos. So many of these cars are unidentified right now. But perhaps some of our viewers can help us identify these cars and we can add names to the car owners. What we do have is a selection of really great snapshots from the early 1940’s Sacramento, and surrounding Hot Rod scene.

These snapshots give us a really good feeling how it must have been back then, dirt or dirty roads, bare to the bones Hot Rods driving the street and used for the races and on the lakes in the weekend. One of the cars we do recognize is the Jack Calori ’29 Model A Roadster not to long after Jack bought it from builder Jack Davis. We hope you will enjoy these¬†40s NorCal Hot Rod Photos.

[box_light]The photos in this article come from the Ed Jensons Collection. They were shared by Tim Cunha and scanned by Curtis Leipold. More amazing photos from the Ed Jenson 1940’s photo collection can be seen in the Ed Jensons section.[/box_light]

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-02Snapshot shows two 1932 Ford Roadsters and a customized 1936 Ford. The Roadster in the drive way sports single bar flipper hubcaps and 1940 Olsmobile bumpers. Interesting to see these Custom touches on a Hot Rod.

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-08Rough looking ’29 model A roadster with ’32 Ford grille, parked on a street corner with a mildly customized 1941 Studebaker parked behind it.¬†

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-18Probably the same Studebaker as in the photo above, but now with stock hubcaps and fender skirts. 

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-12I really like this photo of this 29 Model A Ford with ’32 Ford grill and home made dropped I-beam front axle. The car looks really touch with the nice house, flowers and trees in the background.

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-07’29 Model A Roadster, possibly an earlier photo of the same car as two photos up

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-06We have used this and the next nice snapshot¬†before in the Max Ferris 1936 Ford article, but since we show one more¬†photos of Jack Calori’s Roadster we figured we better show these¬†here as well.¬†Parked behind Jack’s Roadster is Max Ferris his 1936 Ford with its hood canted up.


CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-19Snapshot showing part of the interior of Jack Calori’s roadster. 1940 Ford steering wheel, chrome plated dash with a nice row of instruments and the characteristic V-windshield.

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-05Unknown Model A Roadster on a ’32 Ford frame and what looks like an auburn gauge cluster in the dash.


Possibly the early stages of a Hot Rod to be. Nice looking Model A 5-window coupe with lowered front suspension and two carb intake on the original four banger engine. Two different guys are posing with the same car, makes me wonder who the owner was.CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-03

CCC-ed-jenson-hot-rods-01This is the only photo of the series that came with a name Fred Block. Most likely the owner of this Model A Roadster with home made V-windshield. But other than that we do not know anything more about the¬†“Block Bullet”.

Stay tuned for the second part of ’40’s Nor-Cal Hot Rod photos from the Ed Jensen Collection showing more nice snapshots.














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