Westergard Mercury not sold in Greece


The 1940 Mercury that Harry Westergard built for Butler Rugards in the later part of the 1940’s was for sale at the the Coys auction in Greece.

The auction was held on June 15, 2013. However the car did not meet its reserve and is not sold. It was estimated to bring: €80,000 – €100,000 ($124,208.00 – $155,260.00).

The Westergard Mercury was restored by a team of people put together by Custom Car enthusiast Jack Walker. Jack is also known for his Hirohata Merc clone. Jack sold the Mercury after its restoration to a Nevada Car Museum. A few year later it was auctioned by the museum at the RM auctions Icons of Speed & Style were it was sold for $75,000.- plus 10% auction fees. The buyer had to pay $82,500.- for it. Not really the right price for an original Harry Westergard Custom. However the far from period perfect restoration and uneven candy apple finish might have to do with this.

We had hoped that the car would have found a new home at this Greek auction and that the new owner possibly would have brought it back to how it was originally built by Harry Westergard. Restored as intended the estimated price should have not be a problem for a true custom car collector. We do not know what will happen to the car, what role the current Greek (very bad) economy has to do with it  and if the car is going to be for sale in the near future again.





All photos are from the Coys auction (http://www.coys.co.uk) and the Garage Stories Blogspot (http://garagestories.blogspot.com)


Rik Hoving

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  • July 7, 2013 at 20:36

    I would say that most people in Greece really don’t relate to American Customs. Just the way the spotlights are over the place in the pictures, says a lot about what most in Europeans know about customs. It would be cool, if a custom guy in Europe or the USA would buy the car.


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