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September 11, 2015

VooDoo Sahara taking shape

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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VooDoo Larry is creating his personal version of the famous Golden Sahara Show Custom. The VooDoo Sahara is taking shape and looking really amazing.


Larry Grobe Aka VooDoo Larry has been working extremely hard on his long lasting dream, to create a VooDoo Larry version of the Barris/Skonzakes Golden Sahara. Working on the project mostly in his spare time, after hours in his well equipped Elk Grove Village, Illinois shop he has created a wonderful combination of the first and second version of the Golden Sahara with a VooDoo Larry twist.

The VooDoo Shara is absolutely one of the most amazing and very inspiring Custom Car creations at the moment. We have been following Larry’s progress from the beginning and have have covered every step on the CCC-Forum and will continue to do that until Larry’s project is finished. But we feel its time for a little more attention to the great skill’s of Larry. It is never easy to create a car based on an original Custom, let alone start with a completely different base car, work so fast, ad personal touches and still be able to create a car that looks this good, and have all the looks and feels of the original Golden Sahara. Photos of the Golden Sahara can be seen at the folder on the Custom Car Photo Archive, and in the CCC-Articles on Jim Skonzakes. A full write up on the history of the Golden Sahara can be read in the Jack Stewart Ford book.
Lets take a closer look at the project and the progress Larry has made over the last couple of month.

CCC-voodoo-sahara-taking-shape-02Larry’s original concept illustration, and old fashion photo copy cut and paste shows the combination of the Golden Sahara I and the Golden Sahara II elements. Not shown are the VooDoo touched Larry will add to the car.



CCC-voodoo-shopVooDoo Larry Kustoms, 1590 Jarvis Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, Phone 224-875-7396



CCC-voodoo-sahara-01Larry based his VooDoo Sahara on a 1954 Kaiser four door, rather than on the 1953 Lincoln two door coupe, the original car was based on.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-taking-shape-01This is how the car looks not beginning of September 2015. Hard to imagine Larry started with the Kaiser above. The car looks and feels as the original Golden Sahara. And we know is already has put huge smiles on many, many Custom Car enthusiast from all around the globe.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-02But lets first take a step back in time, early construction photo shows the conversion from four to two doors and shaping of the short cabin and long trunk and spare tire cover molded into the trunk.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-03Reshaping the top of the door skin, creating the rear quarter scoops and new shapes of the front fenders.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-04Start of the long, twin finned rear fenders.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-05The fins taking shape, outlined in round rod waiting to be covered with sheet metal.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-06Creating the new front section of the new front fenders. Shaped from round rod and a lot of panel shaping will be needed to get it all flowing.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-07The project was pushed outside for a Shop Open House clean session. Good opportunity to walk around the project, stand back and take a really good look. Looking really good. The added wrap around windshield still needs to be chopped.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-08Back in the shop, more work has been done, shaping the front fenders, headlights, bumpers and the windshield has been chopped. everything is falling in place and the overall proportions are spot on.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-taking-shape-03The rear fenders have been fine tuned, rear bumper bullets added, still needing to be drilled for exhaust, and the top has been created, giving the car that rally wonderful first version look.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-taking-shape-05More work on the rear fenders.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-taking-shape-04This is the current state of the car in early September 2015. The last work on the car has been the creation of the long flush fitting fender skirts.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-taking-shape-06Close up of the skirts…. stunning.


Progress on the VooDoo Sahara can be followed on the CCC-Forum Thread where we will share the latest progress on the car, and you can also check out Larry’s Facebook Page for more of the amazing projects Larry and his team are working on.

VooDoo Larry Kustoms
1590 Jarvis Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone 224-875-7396





Kustom Kar Books Golden Sahara






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  1. Larrys talent and vision is amazing.

  2. The Original was never my favorite car but I always recognized the work involved and respected that.
    VooDoo Larry’s talent is amazing as well. And his craftsmanship is beyond category.

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