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July 28, 2016

VooDoo Sahara Debuts

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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VooDoo Larry did it.. he made it in time to debut the car at the 2016 Salina KKOA Lead Slead Spectacular. And the car is stunning!



This is how Larry announced the VooDoo Sahara on his facebook page early on Thursday July 28, 2016:

WELL MY FRIENDS BROTHERS N SISTERS,.. THERE SHE IS IN ALL HER GLORY,…. VOODOO SAHARA….. All set up for its big debut at the show,.But here is some pre shots,… Now to clean her up,…enjoy my friends. And a special thanks to all that has helped along the way,…. More to come. VooDoo

Larry and a crew of craftsman have been working around the clock to make it to the the 2016 Salena Kansas KKOA Lead Sled Spectacular for the cars GREAT DEBUT. Larry has shared a few photos, and we will add some more detail photos when we get them from Larry and others.
Enjoy these first photos of the VooDoo Larry version of the Golden Sahara I created by Barris and the Golden Sahara II created by Jim Skonzakes.
Larry combined what he thought were the best elements of each version, and added a little twist of his own to the concept.







CCC-voodoo-sahara-debut-27With the top panels closed.












CCC-voodoo-sahara-debut-23The VooDoo Sahara with the Jack Walker/Doug Thompson Hirohata Mercury recreation.




CCC-voodoo-sahara-debut-24Jack Walker owner of the Hirohata Mercury recreation on the left and VooDoo Larry the builder of the VooDoo Sahara on the right.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-debut-11Collette Marie, Larry’s wife posing with the Sahara for a photo shoot. (photos by Brian Franse)


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  1. Amazing!!!!

  2. A work of art and to have the vision to take it from what it was to what it is …. amazing.

  3. This is unreal…what an incredible tribute of hard work and design, The best thing about this build is that Voodoo Larry put his own twist on it as you mentioned…what a great looking kustom! Please bring it to the west coast- GNRS???? 🙂

  4. What an incredible looking vehicle!
    Amazing work Larry.

  5. We’ve ridden along on this one wild ride, and the result is… just what Hudson Joe said!

    Congratulations, and thanks Voodoo Larry and Rik, as well as those who sent along photos.

  6. This is so heavy , I really like it. Amazing work.

  7. Awesome, what an undertaking, this keeps our Kustom Movement alive..

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