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July 22, 2016

Voodoo Sahara almost finished




On July 27 2016 the VooDoo Sahara is planned to debut at the 2016 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular in Salina Kansas…

In less than a week and a half Voodoo Larry will debut his VooDoo Sahara at the 2016 KKOA Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina Kansas. As I write this the Sahara has been painted pearl white and Larry is preparing as much as he can to take delivery on the car tomorrow (Tuesday July 19). From then on it will be around the clock to get the car all put back together for its debut. Larry has been working on his version of the Golden Sahara, the VooDoo Sahara for a bit more than a year. Working in his spare time at his own 1590 Jarvis Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL based shop.

CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-03The VooDoo Sahara in primer and guide coat for the final stages before pearl white paint.


For the last 8 month the car has been body worked, prepped and painted by Matt Murray of Murray’s Kustoms. Matt reworked all the gaps to make them absolutey perfect and made sure all the body panels are as straight as an arrow.The last few weeks Matt has been sanding, priming and eventually applying an amazing glowing Pearl White Paint job. As we speak the car is prepped to be delivered to Larry’s own shop. Larry is very excited since he has not seen the car in over 8 month. And hopefully we can show you some detail photos of the pearl white paint.

CCC-voodoo-sahara-art-Ron-LundRon Lund created these illustrations of the VooDoo Sahara to keep Larry motivated in those long evening hours he had to send to make his deadline.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-10All the chrome work has been done and returned to Larry’s shop waiting for final assembly. 


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-11Traditional Dash Knobs is responsible for recreating the Golden Sahara II shifter.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-12Bruce from Mapes Upholstery has finished the seats for the Sahara some time ago and is now prepping for the rest of the interior work which will start as soon as the car will return to Larry’s shop.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-04More primer and guide coat…. Bird eye view show the perfect gaps of the roof panels.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-09Test fitting some of the plated parts to make sure everything still fits as designed. Larry assured us the wheels and tires are only for pushing it around.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-05Close up of the chrome rear quarter panel scoop trim.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-07More masking, more primer.



CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-06With the hood in place things are looking good.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-01Final prep before the pearl white goes on.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-almost-finished-02Hood and trunk with the final primer coats in the paint booth.


UPDATE July 22, 2016

The Voodoo Sahara has been delivered back to Larry’s shop a couple of hours ago. All painted a wonderful pearl white. The paint has been cut at Matt Murray’s Kustom Shop in Kansas and will be wet sanded and buffed at Larry’s shop. Larry has not seen the car in over 8 month, so it was a big thing when the car rolled of the trailer earlier today. In the meantime Larry will be starting to put things back together. This will be an enormous race against the clock, with the full upholstery still to be done, and everything installed. Below are the first snapshots of the car at Larry’s shop, now with the cut, but un-buffed pearl white paint.





We have been following Larry from the beginning he started with the VooDoo Sahara project. You can see the whole progress, step by step on the CCC Forum Post. And we also will be adding any new shared photos of the project. So be sure to check out any new photos there from time to time.

CCC-voodoo-sahara-shirt-01VooDoo Shara shirt 01.


CCC-voodoo-sahara-shirt-02VooDoo Shara shirt 02.


We at the Custom Car Chronicle wish VooDoo Larry and the team who will assist him all the best in the final week and a few days to get the Voodoo Sahara finished in time for its debut. We are all looking forward a lot to see Larry’s long time dream Custom all finished and out in natural light. Please stay tuned for more updated photos.




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  1. Can’t wait! What a creative talent, and this Sahara will be seen by appreciative folks who only have heard rumors of the existence of the first one. That and faded pages of long ago. Good on you, Voodoo Larry. Oh, to be in Salina this year. This and that gorgeous 4-door Merc, together.

  2. great work larry cant wait to see it all done,

  3. All I have to say is WOW!! Cant wait to see it in person!!! Nice work and good eye for style!

  4. Larry is in my eyes one of the best kustomizers at the moment. so talented i many ways. lots of guys know how to bend the tin..but cant see the final result before its too late.
    and it takes guts to start a huge project like this while the hole world is looking at you
    cant wait to see it finnished..

  5. Been really enjoying the progress on this kustom! Voodoo Larry, you have some real talent and creative vision- taking a Kaiser sedan and creating this…amazing. Can’t wait to see it completed!

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