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Snooky Janich Paint Update


After years of on and off working on the restoration of the Barris-built Snooky Janich 1941 Ford, the “end” is finally getting closer. The body finally has color on it.

Owner George Mallory has entrusted Dan Roberts and team at the Express Paint & Detail shop in Leavenworth with the job of fine tuning the body and getting it in paint. Well that last part, getting it in paint is finally there. Dan Roberts and David Daniels are currently in the progress of adding the paint. In the next two or so days the whole body will be in finished glossy 1952 Cadillac green. Today, November 13, 2014 Dan painted the car with two coats of base, which will be followed with two more base coats tomorrow. Then on to a couple coats o clear in the weekend.

The color already is looking amazing, but according to Dan it will become even a bit darker since the green is not covering 100%, so the next two more coats of base will darken the final color a little more.
I have started a CCC-Forum post where updates on the restoration process are being posted. So if you want to stay in touch check out the CCC-Forum for the lasest updates on the Snooky Janich Restoration.
CCC-barris-snooky-janich-paint-01Doors jambs and inside sections are all painted, the doors hung for the final time and the car is now ready to be taped of completely.
CCC-barris-snooky-janich-paint-02Exiting moment for the team… the body is all taped up and ready for chrome premier and then on for some color.
CCC-barris-snooky-janich-paint-03This is how the body looks after two coats of base color.




The next day it was time for two more green base coats, and then a few coats of clear. More photos of the glossy new paint-job can be seen in the CCC-Forum Post, linked above.








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2 thoughts on “Snooky Janich Paint Update

  • I’m told when the car came to Sedalia Mo in the 60’s it was purple. The paint was deeply cracked and a local took a grinder to it and gouged the lead work trying to get the cracked paint off of it. It changed hands for a while around the area. A friend of mine bought it and he said it was in sad shape and removed the dropped axle and put it under a 41 ford p/u.I was about 16 at the time when we painted the 41 p/u in the mid 70’s. Never had a clue this subject would ever come up later in life.The car was long gone and forgotten until I read about it on the hamb. I never saw the car when it was here and if I did it would have just been another old car.

    I made the trip to the 2011 GNRS and saw the car and took pictures of it. I came back home and went over to my friends house he’s 80 now and showed him the pictures. I told him they were looking for a front axle. He told me I had helped sand the 41 p/u he stuck it under. He sold the truck in the early 80’s and it went to Texas.

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