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Snooky Janich Ford Restored




Having owned the Barris Restyled 1941 Snooky Janich Ford for a few decades, Brothers George and Steve Mallory set out to have it in primer at the GNRS Customs Then and Now event in 2011. A good four years later the restoration has been completed, and it is looking GOOD.

The Snooky Janich 1941 Ford was one of the late 1940’s Barris Creations with a wonderful smooth molded in look the shop became so famous for. Fortunately this one was kept pretty much original and was still being enjoyed as slightly updated Custom Car to well up in the 1950’s and even early 1960’s. After that the car had a bit of a hard life until it was found by George and Steve Mallory. They knew what the car was and planned to restore it back to how it looked back in the late 1940’s early 1950’s. But, as it happens a lot, a lot of other things in life came in between and even though some work was done on the restoration it was not until 2010 that the restoration got a real kick start.

The Grand National Roadster show announced a special Custom Car exhibit for the 2011 show. 75 historic Custom Cars would be gathered in one building. George and Steve heard about this, and knew that this would be the right place to have the restored Snooky Janich Ford at. It soon became clear that a full restoration would not be possible in the time left to the show. But exhibiting the car in primer would be the best possible option, and since the original customs from the Golden Years often drove in primer before final paint the car was accepted to be displayed in primer at the GNRS Customs Then & Now event.

CCC-barris-snooky-ford-1981Rodder’s Digest article on the Snooky Janich Ford and about George and Steve mallory.


CCC-barris-snooky-ford-2010This is how the car looked in 2010, a lot of work still needed to be done to get the car ready for the 2011 GNRS.


CCC-barris-snooky-ford-2011The Snooky Janich Ford how it sat at the Customs Then & Now exhibit at the 2011 GNRS. The car was a huge success withthe Custom Car enthusiast who came in from all over the world to see this event.

After the show the rush was over, and it was hard to find the time to get the rest of the restoration done. But slowely George and Steve worked on the car and eventually the car was ready for the final stages and send off to Express Painting & Detail in Leavenworth, Kansas where Dan Roberts & Dave Daniels performed their magic and fine tuned all the body work and painted the car in  wonderful 1952 Cadillac green. The progress at the paint shop can be seen at these CCC-Forum Posts.

“Project 41” as George and Steve called it now really started to look like how it did back in the 1940’s and early 1950’s. After all the body work was done and the paint had cured enough they took the car to Edwarda Bros. upholstery shop in Kansas City, Kansas, where Bob & Russ Edwards did an outstanding job recreating the interior of the car.

Both George & Sharon the car owners, and Steve Mallory are really pleased with the finished results and this Saturday September 12, 2015, the finished car was at its first outdoor car show, Merriam’s Turkey Creek Car Show. Lets take a look at some photos of the restored Barris Kustoms Snooky Janich 1941 Ford. We will bring you a full report on the car at a later date, so stay tuned…

CCC-barris-snooky-ford-restored-mallory-03Sharon, the car owner George his wife, took this snapshot at a photo shoot with the freshly finished Ford.


CCC-barris-snooky-ford-restored-mallory-01Cleaning the white wall tires for the debut show.


CCC-barris-snooky-ford-restored-strongman-01 Tom Strongman took this great photo at the Merriam’s Turkey Creek show. Looks at the flow of that chop. The Barris shop and especially Sam Barris sure knew how to make a car look good.


CCC-barris-snooky-ford-restored-strongman-02 Tom Strongman’s photo shows the excellent work one by Express Painting & Detail shop.



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6 thoughts on “Snooky Janich Ford Restored

  • Nice! I have been waiting to see this finished!
    But, is it just me but the grille bars and bumperguards looks that aren’t properly lined?

  • good to see it looks amazing. i could hope i was that far in my work on the JS. one day…
    there is something about the bars..your right Janne. but its probably just some adjustment needed

  • a very smooth kustom is back with us . What a chance to see it “for real” in its previous glory! Anyway, the grille misalignment distract the eyes, it will even better when resolved !

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