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Sam Barris Buick Restoration at Manns




The team at MANNS Restoration has just finished painting the Sam Barris 1950 Buick. The full restoration is nearing its completion.

In the summer of 2013 we reported that the Sam Barris 1950 Buick, owned by Kurt McCormick, was undergoing a full restoration at Manns Restoration shop in Festus, Missouri. Today December 18, 2015 Manns shared some photos of the Buick being repainted in a wonderful maroon.

The project at Manns did not start out as a full restoration job though. After having enjoyed the Buick for many years, the Buick had been on loan to the Darryl Starbird Museum for quite some time. When the car went back home to Kurt he realized that the old straight 8 engine in it was lacking power and that it was nearly dangerous lacking to keep up in modern traffic. Especially knowing Kurt loves to drive all his historic customs as often as possible, so drivability is really important. The original plan was to update the drive train to make the car more drivable in the years to come. Kurt chose the Manns Restoration shop, and the guys at the shop asked Kurt if they could also repaint the car and show it off to promote their business in their booth at an upcoming big car show. Kurt agreed and the shop went to work.


But soon after the interior and engine were removed it became evident that the car was in worse state than expected. Body mount and structure on the inside of the body were badly rusted, and had most likely never been corrected properly in the first restoration in the late 1970’s. It was then decided to go all the way and do a complete frame off restoration to get the car in the perfect condition it deserves. Over the past two years the team at Manns have replaced all rusted sections of the body and inner structures, and made other repairs where needed. In several body sections heavy layers of plastic filler were found underneath the paint, all this was corrected with fresh metal body work ensuring the restored Custom Buick can be enjoyed for many decades to come.

A little while ago we did a two part CCC-Feature story on the Sam Barris 1950 Buick where you can find all the details on this outstanding custom in it original and first restored version.

The Sam Barris Buick has always been one of my all time favorite Custom Cars. And I really look forward to see the all restored Custom Car Icon back on the road again. Stay tuned…..

CCC-sam-barris-50-buick-resto-01The Sam Barris 1950 Buick ready for paint in the Manns paint-booth.

CCC-sam-barris-50-buick-resto-02Just after the final coats of paint.

CCC-sam-barris-50-buick-resto-03First look at the freshly painted Buick, still in the paint-booth. It looks really great, and I love the color. Will be very exciting to see it being put back together.

CCC-sam-barris-50-buick-resto-07The reflections show how straight the car now is.

CCC-sam-barris-50-buick-resto-05The color appears to be a slightly darker shade than the color used in the first restoration. But perhaps the lack of sharp trim and window details makes it look darker.



Manns Restoration & Maintenance
5 North 6th Street
Festus, Missouri 63028

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Rik Hoving

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3 thoughts on “Sam Barris Buick Restoration at Manns

  • It is great to see this car get the treatment that it deserves. As I have said before it is my favorite custom that Sam built. I really dig the color as well.
    Can’t wait to see it all done and outside the shop.

  • Wonderful news! I showed my dad these pictures just now and we both can’t wait to see it all reassembled 🙂

  • Few people know what Kurt had to go through to keep this car alive. I knew Kurt when we both belonged to Lincoln Land Kustoms out of Peoria, Il. in the 80’s. Kurt drives the hell out of most of his cars, including the original Dream Truck that was made famous by Rod & Custom back in the day.
    When he found the Buick, it was rotted up to the side trim and needed a second car to replace everything from there down to preserve the famous car!
    I remember Kurt drove the Dream truck all the way to Peoria for a May indoor car show in a blinding storm and, when he arrived, his back was so screwed up he could hardly get out of it! We (club members) pitched in and cleaned it up for the show because he was nearly incapacitated. I was honored to help and was teased because I was enjoying ” cleaning whitewalls on an old truck”!

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