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Reunited Trophies




Jack Stewart won several trophies with the Ayala-Barris created Jack Stewart 1941 Ford. Jack hold on to a few of those trophies, and wanted them to be reunited with the Jack Stewart Ford when it was being restored. Sounds simple…

The Jack Stewart Ford, created by the Ayala and Barris shop was finished in 1951. Jack won several trophies with the car in the relatively short period he owned the finished car. Some of them can be seen in one of the most famous photos of Jack and his 1941 Ford. When Palle Johansen and me visited Jack Stewart in 2010 during the Jack Stewart Ford Research Trip, Jack surprised us by showing us the trophies he had kept all these years. Including the one he was holding in the 1951 photo taken of Jack in front of his Ford during the Hot Rod Motor Sport Show. After a long day with Jack, talking about how the car was created and all other related, and none related stories, gathering as much info as we could, Jack mentioned to Palle, that if he was ready with the restoration of his Ford he could have all the trophies that belonged with the car. Jack loved the idea of the trophies being reunited with the Jack Stewart Ford.

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-02Jack posing in front of his 1941 Ford at the 1952 Hot Rod Show. The trophy Jack is holding was given to Palle Johansen in 2013.

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-10 Jack picking up the trophy from the top of the cupboard where he kept he trophies. And the far right, just above his head is the big trophy he won in 1951.
CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-08Jack Stewart explaining to Palle that one of those trophies was made by George Barris and how he saved it from the Barris shop after the fire.

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-03Jack posing with the Barris Trophy he saved from the Barris Shop fire. (photo by Craig Wise)

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-01Photos of three of the trophies that were used in the Jack Stewart Ford book. Palle already had the one on the right, I have the one on the left in my collection, but the big one was still with Jack.
In 2012 Palle had worked hard to get the car restored to a bare metal stage. The original plan was to have the car completely restored, but the time was just not right, and besides that when the paint was removed from the Jack Stewart Ford, the bare metal and all the lead work by the Ayala’s and Barris looked to good not to be shown. So the new plan was to ship the car to the US where it would be displayed in bare metal, but otherwise as much completed as possible, at the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show. At this show the car and Jack, as well as another previous owner, Bob Drake would be reunited with the car. It was also the place where my Jack Stewart Ford book would be available with Jack and Bob signing books at the show.
Jack surprised us once again to bring two trophies to the show, one for Palle to keep, and one for me. During the show Palle mentioned that the car would be back in the US as soon as it was completely restored. Jack mentioned that when the car was completely done hopefully the next year, Palle could get the big trophy, the Kustoms Los Angeles plaque and a few other items. Jack liked the idea to hand them over in person with the completed car in front of him.

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-11Rik Hoving, Jack Stewart, Bob Drake and Palle Johansen. Palle is holding the famous photo trophy, which was displayed with the car at the 2013 GNRS.

Due to a busy work schedule and some damage done to the car during its first trip to the US, the car was not finished for the next GNRS in 2014. Sadly Jack Stewart passed away in August that year, and he would never see the finished Jack Stewart Ford, and would obviously also not have the pleasure of handing over the trophies he had kept all these years to reunite them with the Jack Stewart Ford. I think we all had looked forward to that moment of showing Jack the restored Ford again, and Jack to hand over the trophies.

Some time after Jack had passed away we heard that unexpectedly everything owned by Jack Stewart would not go to Jack’s wife (who was aware of the trophies and the plans), but rather to Jack’s daughter, who we did not know. She also was not aware of the fact that Jack had promised the trophies to Palle. Jack’s close friend Craig Wise had been our internet connection with Jack from the beginning, and he has become a good friend with us as well. Craig suggested Palle needed to act fast to make sure the trophies would not end up being sold, or worse. Letters were written, deals where made, and eventually after a long time Craig was able to get the trophies home with him. And get them ready to ship them to Denmark to be reunited with the Jack Stewart Ford.

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-07Craig Wise send Palle this photo shortly after he was able to retrieve all the trophies from the Jack Stewart estate.

On September the second, 2015 the mailman delivered the box with trophies at Palle’s home in Denmark. And the trophies are now once again close to the Jack Stewart Ford, and will always remain with the Jack Stewart Ford. The box included the bog trophy winning the Sweepstake award at the 1951 Hot Rod show, the original Kustoms Los Angeles plaque, a So Gate Ram-Rods plaque, one of Jack’s Auto Butcher’s plaque, a trophy Jack won with his MG in 1954 and one more trophy from a smaller show which Jack won with his 1941 Ford. Palle will make some photos of the trophies with the Jack Stewart Ford when he gets the car out of storage to finish the restoration… hopefully later this year. When he does, we will include them in this article.

CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-05 Safe in Denmark at Palle Johansen workshop.


CCC-jack-stewart-trophys-denmark-04And the trophies and plaques sitting on the hood of Palle’s 1947 Cadillac Convertible custom.


Many thanks go out to Craig Wise for his help to get the trophies in the right place again.


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  • Thanks Rik..and even more thanks to Craig. these parts do have some value, but to me they means everything.

    i am sure jack is looking down, and smiling at this from his heaven. he really wanted to have the car and these parts reunited after 64 years

  • Oh boy what a story! It must felt very good to lay your hands on “the big throphies”and see them standing next to the car. I think that even Jack was very satisfied with it and felt that the circle was closed after so long time.

    Really happy for you Palle, you are worth it.

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