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Leo Lyons Mercury Progress


Former Car Craft magazine cover car restoration is going well with all the metal work on the body performed.

Geoff Hacker just send us some update photos of his Leo Lyons “Ulta Modern Merc” Sports Custom restoration project. We have reported about this Car Craft cover car before, take a look if you missed the CCC-Artcile on the car. In the last couple of month metal shaper / restorer John Pascucci of J.R.’s Speed Shop has been performing magic on the Leo Lyons Mercury body. The body needed a lot of attentiona and several panels were in such bad shape they needed to be recreated from fresh metal. But now the body is looking as it did in the late 1950’s, with all the body work done in metal and lead, just like how it was done back then. Next step is mechanical fit and finish, then paint in February and upholstery in March.
Thank you Geoff for keeping us posted on the Leo Lyons Mercury “Ultra Modern Mercury” project.



A few photos showing how much body work was needed on the car.

CCC-leo-lyons-ultra-modern-merc-metal-03John Pascucci of J.R.’s Speed Shop posing with the Mercury after he has spend the last couple of month working to get the body restored.






CCC-leo-lyons-ultra-modern-merc-metal-06Geoff Hacker with the Leo Lyons Ultra Modern Mercury shortly after the car was picked up from the body shop and heading back home.


Stay tuned for the next update with more progress on the restoration of the Leo Lyons Mercury…



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