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Larry Watson in Rodder’s Journal #61


The Custom Car Photo Archive has been sharing the amazing personal photo collection from Larry Watson for a few years already. In issue #61 the most prestigious Custom Car & Hot Rod magazine will have a very nice feature article on this amazing Collection. Finally we can see the top photos of Larry’s Collection in the best possible quality.

TRJ_61_coverB October 19, 2013 We are especially looking forward to read the personal notes from some of Larry’s closest friends, who have been interviewed for the article. Many thanks goes out to Roger O’Dell who not only made sure the collection could be shared by the Custom Car Photo Archive, but now also made all the arrangements for this Rodder’s Journal article.

CCC-TRJ61_Watson-02 The openings spreads of the Rodder’s Journal article on the Larry Watson Personal Photo Collection.

CCC-TRJ61_Watson-ParkingLarger version of the amazing photo that was used as the openings spread. It shows the bright candy root beer Gullwing Mercedes owned by Jack Laird a tv and film producer, a candy plum painted 1955 Chevy, Dave Kyte chopped multi colored 1955 Mercury, Jack Van Tassel’s Pearl lime 1957 Pontiac, and an unidentified Candy dark red 1957 Ford parked in front of Larry’s Rosecrans Blvd shop. As can be seen in this photo the parking space at this shop was perfect for a small colorful Custom Car show. The Peanut House was a bar were they served a big bowl of Peanuts with the order and the floor was covered with peanut shells, hence the name.

This is what the Rodder’s Journal announced for the new issue which is ready to me shipped to the subscribers and book stores in the next week. Larry Watson is perhaps the most influential custom car painter ever. It was a terrible loss to our community when he passed away three years ago. Fortunately his legacy lives on through his personal photo collection, which he entrusted to his good friend Roger O’Dell. We take a look at images from his most prolific period, from the late-’50s through the early-’70s. Personal accounts by close friends Gary McNaught, Bones Noteboom, and Dick Jackson tell the story of an Oklahoma farm kid’s evolution as an innovative customizer and consummate promoter. The images illustrate iconic cars like Watson’s “Vino Paisano” ’58 Thunderbird, as well as unknown examples of the mildly customized, wildly painted cruisers that defined the Watson era.


Be sure to check out issue #61 soon.




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