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John D’Agostino 58 Packard




John D’Agostino unveiled his latest Custom Car at the 2016 Fathers-day Concours on Rodeo in Beverly Hill’s California. Another Oz Welch & John D’Agostino Concept Custom.

John D’Agostino and Oz Welch have been creating some stunning Custom Cars and Concept Customs for many years. John’s latest is based on a very unusual base car, the ’58 Packard Hard-Top. Together with Oz he¬†designed a Concept Custom two seater Roadster many years ago. While the car was in progress over the last 8 years, Oz has created many unique features on the car and has come up with many more design elements. John has been warming up the world wide audience for his latest Custom Creation for many month, sharing some small detail photos and making sure everybody knew about the cars Debut on Fathers day at the Rodeo Drive Concours in Beverly Hills California.¬†John D’Agostino 58 Packard.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-07John D’Agostino stands proudly with his just debuted ’58 Packard Concept Roadster Custom which he named “Rita” after movie star Rita Hayworth.


CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-signJohn is known to name his Coachbuilt Concept customs after the most famous movie stars. The ’58 Packard was named “Rita” after famous Holliwood actress¬†Rita Hayworth.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-09Completely reshaped and turned in to a 5″ chopped two seater roadster.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-08The Packard steering wheel was send off to Pearlcraft in Australia who did an amazing job of adding the white and lavender pearl.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-03The front end was reshaped and a new grille created from drilled stainless with 150 custom made bullets.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-04Oz Welch was responsible for all the body work, design elements and the multi hued House of Kolor pearl lavender paint job.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-05Rear fenders were completely reshaped and side trim modified. The Chrome wire wheels and Coker tires are John’s trademark combination.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-06Bob Devine did the interior over ’62 Cadillac seats and custom door panels and console in pearl white and lavender. Bob used a combination of button tufted and tuck & roll styles to create the unique high end concept car look. The carpets were imported from New Zealand and are 100% lambswool. Notice that the door top are completely smooth… a real roadster.





How Rita was created

John’s ’58 Packard was constructed by Oz Welch in his shop in Orville Ca. The car is based on a two door Packard¬†and reshaped in every way possible. The¬†idea behind the car was to create a one off Sport Two Seater Concept custom. Perhaps something that Packard could have been built to help promote the ’58 Packards back in late 1957.


The cars front fenders with quad headlights was replaced with ’55 Oldsmobile units with single headlights. The grille opening was completely reshaped and a new grille was made from chrome plated extruded metal and 150 custom made bullets. The Packard bumper was reshaped to work better with the new grill opening. John wanted to have an extra long nose on the car which would suit the two seater style much better. Oz placed an ’55 Chevy dash board 8 inches back from the original dash position. He chopped the windshield a massive 5 inches and moved it back 8 inches to meet the new dash location. The 8 inch cowl cap was filled in.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-01Early progress photos shows the car at Oz Welch’s shop in Orville Ca.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-03The front section of the Packard front fenders has been cut off and replaced with ’55 Oldsmobile units. The hood and grille opening are reshped with round rod and sheet metal.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-02The rear portion of the body from the trunk forward towards the back of the front seats was filled in to create a sports two seater. Hand shaped bulges will help incorporate the shape of the seats into the desing.

’62 Cadillac bucket seats were placed into the perfect position and the rear of the interior was filled in from the seat backs to the trunk to create the unique two seater effect. Oz added two bulges behind the seats that matched the ’55 Chevy dash pods. The door tops were reshaped and rolled at the top and new panels formed on the inside the made the dash flow into the door tops all the way to the backs around the seats and back to the dash on the other side.

The rear fenders were completely reshaped and extended at the back to house a set of ’56 Packard taillights in hand shaped openings. With all the major body work done Oz added modified side trim pieced that gave the car a really great sweep. The stainless for the Windshield had to be reshaped after the chop teardrop shaped details were added to the bulges behind the seats. The Packard rear bumper was cleaned and replated just as all the other components by ¬†Sherm’s Plating¬†in Sacramento.¬†Oz modified the suspension, added airbags and installed a set of chrome wire wheels wrapped with Coker white wall tires.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-04The windshield was cut down 5 inches and moved back 8 inches to create a longer looking front end¬†and the meet the moved back ’55 Chevy dash board.¬†The cowl was extended and the doors reshaped to make this all happen.¬†

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-05The car was converted to a roadster and the door tops reshaped using shaped tubular sections. The door top sections were hand shaped and are flowing fromt the dash all away around the seat backs. 

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-06Close up look of the ‘Olds headlights, ned grille opening shape and the ’56 Packard taillights in the reshaped and extended rear fenders.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-07With the most of the major body work out of the way and the body in primer Oz can pay some attention to the details. He hand shaped some stylish element to decorate the bulges behind the seats.

Oz prepped the body and added the multi hue lavender House of Kolor lavender paint. When the car was nearly done John took it to Bob Divine for an unique interior done in pearl white and pearl lavender. John wanted something special, something concept car like from 1958. So a combination was made with Button tufted and tuck & roll panels. Bob had to do a rush job to meet the deadline on Father’s Day 2016.

CCC-d-agostino-58-packard-rita-con-08With most of the work done on the Car John D’Agostino started to tease the world with sharing some black and white detail photos… building up to the Big 2016 Fathers Day debut of “Rita”.


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  • I have said it before but I love the colours John and Oz pick for the cars. A far cry form traditional colours but I just think they really pop and look great on these cars. The two of them produce some stunning customs with a bit of modern twist but still a good healthy dose of tradition kept intact.

  • Thanks for sharing, John. The transformation! Always wondered how to imagine a “silk purse from a sow’s ear.” What a clinic in what could be.

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