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July 13, 2015

Dusters 2015 Time Travel Meet




CCC-Member Wolf Christiansson shared his photos of his recent trip to the Annual Time Travel Meet organized by the Dusters Car Club.

After hearing great stories about and seeing many neat pictures of the past few Annual Dusters Time Travel Meetings it was time this year for Wolf to check out the event in person. The Time Travel Meet is just wat the title says, a travel back in time. People are dressed up with period cloth and driving Hot Rod’s Custom Cars, and bikes that are all traditional and as much period perfect as possible. Wolf and a couple of his friends, Stefan, Ulrika, Bert, Andreas and a few others traveled to the show in their traditional Customs. It was a long road trip with great weather, and all the cars ran really great, so everything was perfect. The weekend was a lot of fun, meeting old friends, making new once and checking out the cars, and bikes, listening to great life music and in general just have a fabulous time.

Below is a selection of photos’s from the Dusters 2015 Time Travel Meet, at the end is a link to the CCC-Forum-Thread with more, and a link to Wolf’s Photo-site to see all his photos. Thanks for sharing these Wolf.



CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-01Meeting point at the IKEA parking lot.



CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-02On the way up to the event more and more cars meet up to travel to the event.



CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-03Another break on the way up to the event…. another photo opportunity.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-09Fredde Östman arrived with hiss freshly finished 1947 Ford and matching trailer. Fredde would leave the event with the Best Custom award. Check out the CCC-Forum-Thread how Fredde’s Ford was built.



CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-13More Hot Rods arrive at the camp-site thru the wonderful vintage gate.



CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-04The Customs start to gather at one corner of the camp-site, to create a good looking line-up.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-05Traditional Hot Rods are everywhere on this event. It is truly like a time travel back in time to the late 1940’s early 1950’s.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-06Hot Rod’s and Customs on one site, the camp place on the other side, and the music podium in the middle.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-07This picture really captures the feeling of the event, laid back, having fun with people and cars.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-08Tomas’s sweet Custom 1939 Merc.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-10Night-time with the wonderful lights, creating a really great look.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-11Andreas Åberg’s New Panoramic Ford and Fredde’s 1947 Ford Coupe parked side by side… what a view.



CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-12New this year at the Dusters Time Travel event was the Flat Track Race.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-14Creative hand built vintage race car using many left over parts to create a new body.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-15In the meantime the line of Custom Cars had grown…


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-18Bert checking out an 1960’s style 1957 Ford Ranchero parked in a special part of the even.


CCC-dusters-2015-time-travel-17And then… time to go back home again. Short stop along the long road trip home with Stefan’s 1948 Buick and Wolf’s 1951 mercury. See you again next year Dusters…


Want to see more photos of the Dusters 2015 Time Travel Meet, then check out the CCC-Forum-Thread.



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  1. Thanks for sharing, Wolf. Oh, the memories that come flooding back. Bless you guys; the beat goes on!
    Larry Pointer

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