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PRESS RELEASE: Hot rod builder and filmmaker Brian Darwas talks about making “This is Long Beach” in new video!

Hot rod builder and filmmaker Brian Darwas talks about making “This is Long Beach” in new video!
“Hot rod builder and award winning filmmaker Brian Darwas talks about the making of “This is Long Beach” in a brand new video just released by Atomic Hot Rods.  In his latest film, Hot rod historian Brian Darwas shadows three generations of custom car & hot rod aficionados, The Long Beach Cavaliers.  Each generation, from the 1940’s to present, recounts detailed memories and pays homage to the cars that bonded them in a lifelong brotherhood all while chopping a 1947 Ford in Brad Masterson’s Kustom’s car shop in historic Lynwood, California.”


Top four questions asked about “This is Long Beach”:

  • Q: What prompted you (Brian Darwas) to make a film about the Long Beach Cavaliers?
  • A: History is a big part of hot rod and custom car culture, and I wanted to make a film that was rich in that history.  The Cavaliers are one of the oldest car clubs (est. 1947) that managed to survive through the ups and down of it all, so naturally they were a perfect fit.
  • Q: What was the filming process like?
  • A: I just sat each generation of the club down in front of the camera and let them reminisce about what life was like as they were growing up in Long Beach, and how the car culture of Southern California played such an important role in their lives.
  • Q: What was your favorite thing about making this film?
  • A: Just getting to hear real stories from real people that lived it.  Seeing these guys speak so fondly of a time period that I’ve only read about was really an awesome experience.
  • Q: And your least favorite?
  • A: Nothing, I enjoy being able to make movies and sharing them with the world.


Film maker’s bio:

“Brian Darwas is a well know fixture in the Hot Rod community, and the Award Winning Director of “A Sweet Sickness”, “The Devil at Your Feet”, and “The Road to Bonneville”.  Building traditional hot rods since around the age of eighteen, Brian has been digging up old steel and turning it into traditional hot rods over on the East Coast for over a decade.

During this time Brian has turned out a number of cars, none of which have ever failed to impress even the most jaded Hot Rod Aficionado.  He has certainly developed his own build style.  The stance is always perfect and everything just seems to fit together.  A lot of people can build a car using parts from many different sources, but taking those parts and making them work and fit as if they were meant to go together is something only few people can accomplish.  Brian Darwas is one of those few.

Aside from building traditional hot rods as member of The Rumblers Car Club in New York City, Brian has also traveled the world as a musician.”

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