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RIP Art Chrisman




Art Chrisman passed away age 86 on July 12 2016. RIP Mr Art Chrisman

Art Chrisman, one of the founding fathers of NHRA Drag Racing and a member of one of the sport’s legendary families, died July 12. He was 86. Our sincere condolences go out to Art”s family and close friends.

Most of you will remember the amazing drag racing history of Art Chrisman. Far less known is that Art Chrisman created several very nice Custom Cars in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

CCC-RIP-art-chrisman-36-Ford-01Art’s 1936 Ford 4-door custom at the 1950 Petersen Autorama.


Rest In Peace my dear friend Art Chrisman.

(By Jeff Neppl)

I heard the news this morning and it was on my mind all day. Most people don’t know that Art was a real hardcore Custom guy in the late 40’s and early 50’s. I mean before the drag racing and everything. Below is an photo of an Buick that he did, and was a pretty famous car that was in the early Motoramas. This is a unpublished picture that was part of my story I was doing for Kustoms Illustrated Magazine. I should of made more time and finished it now it’s too late.
This Buick was so gorgeous it was one of the best. Art really did it all and he did it how he wanted and when he wanted. I spent hours talking customs with Art and most people have never related him to being a Custom guy but let me tell you…. he was one of the best. Thanks for all you shared with me. We will all miss you but also treasure the moments.


CCC-RIP-art-chrisman-48-buick-011948 Buick Convertible restyled by Art Chrisman in the late 1940’s. 1949 Cadillac grille, chopped windshield with padded top.

CCC-chrisman-cannon-hustler-1Chrisman & Son’s shop in the later part of the 1950’s when the more to Race Cars and Hot Rod had taken place.



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  • I worked for him in 1996 , he was a fair boss and often had open houses inviting carguys , fun times ! I never seen his custom cars before since he was a hotrod guy at hart but seeing the custom cars above , he had some love for the custom cars as well . He told me about his own -48 Buick he built and asked me if I could find pictures of it , I never did and its amazing to see the pictures here presented , Thanks for good times and rest in peace Art Christman !

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