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September 8, 2016

Hudson Joe Collection Part 4

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Written by: Rik Hoving
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Hudson Joe has been collecting old Hot Rod and Custom Car photos for many year. Great material from the 40’s and 50’s. The Hudson Joe Collection Part 4.

Hudson Joe from California has a passion for old things and historic photos of Hot Rods and Custom Cars. He has been collecting these photos for many years. Finding them at estate sales, swapmeets and just finding them in the trash. In the second part of sharing Joe’s Collection we show you some more photos from the Harlan Frazier, aka Mac Frazier collection. Harlan is an old Hotrodder from Burbank, California. He had some cool Hot Rods and Custom Cars in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and he became good friend with Joe. Mac will be 90 this year (2016) and he gave his collection of photos to Joe, because he knew Joe would appreciate them much more than anybody else he knew. Harlan is still looking for more material in his collection. He keeps saying he has many more… so hopefully he will find them sooner or later. Lets take a look at some of the material Joe has shared with us this time.

Photos taken at the dry lakes in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Most of these shots of the Muroc and El mirage dry lakes were taken by Harlan himself. If any of you recognize locations, or cars in the pictures, please let us know so we can add some more names to the pictures.  Enjoy….


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-03Eddie Miller Lakester.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-05This Modified might be one driven by Ed Harding, not sure… Notice the chopped padded topped GM car parked in the background.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-02Chuck Quesnel’s 1927 Ford Model T lakester with track nose and belly pan. Notice the DeSoto bumper on the ’37 Ford on the far left.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-24That is most likely Chuck Quesnel with his 1927 Ford Model T lakester with track nose.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-07The Floyd Clymer’s Motorbook Special arriving at the lakes.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-27Kenz and Leslie 777 Floyd Clymer’s Motorbook Special with the fender skirts removed.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-28The Hill-Davis (City of Burbank sponsored) streamliner.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-06Mickey Thompson’s Bantam coupe.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-15Lee Chapel The Tornado Streamliner.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-08Unidentified 27 T with full belly pan and streamlined nose.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-20Same car now with the nose in place.



CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-09Alex Xydias’s So-Cal Special based on a 315 gallon P-38 wing tank.



CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-10Bill Waddill’s Crosley-bodies C-Competition Coupe all the way from Flint Michigan.


CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-11This mild Shoebox was Harlan drive to the dry lakes…




CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-14Ok here is a priceless picture of Stuart Hilborn racing his streamline injected dream.







CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-22Looks to be the Rob Rufi Lake Racer on the trailer.





CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-29Ed Iskenderian ’24 Model T.



CCC-hudson-joe-collection-p4-31Karl Orr brought his circle track racer to the lakes, and it looks to be George Rubsch’s “Skip-it” in the background.




Thank you Joe and Harlan for sharing these great pictures.



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  1. Stuart Hilborn and Ed Iskenderian photos are just awesome , That sling shot manifold on the Iskenderian’s Flat head would be one of Vic Edelbrock’s first pre WW2 manifolds he cast in 1939 What an awesome collection of photos depicting an era of automotive history ……… Thanks Hudson Joe


  2. What a great look at the early dry lakes! Thanks Joe!


  3. Wonderful, precious record of a wonderful era.


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