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Hudson Joe Collection part 1




Hudson Joe has been collecting old Hot Rod and Custom Car photos for many year. Great material from the 40’s and 50’s. The Hudson Joe Collection Part 1.

Hudson Joe from California has a passion for old things and historic photos of Hot Rods and Custom Cars. He has been collecting these photos for many years. Finding them at estate sales, swapmeets and just finding them in the trash. Joe also got a series of photos from some of the old Hot Rodders he knows. One of them is Harlan Frazier, aka Mac Frazier, an old Hotrodder from Burbank, California. Mac had some cool Hot Rods and Custom Cars in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and he became good friend with Joe. Mac will be 90 this year (2016) and he gave his collection of photos to Joe, because he knew Joe would appreciate them much more than anybody else he knew.

Joe will be sharing some of the photos from his collection with us at the Custom Car Chronicle. In this first article on the series on Hudson Joe’s collection we show you some of the photos of the Harlan Frazier Collection. Jim Harber, his brother Bill Harber and friend Dick Price‘s cars back in the late 1940’s and 1950.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-02Dick Price also had a nice mildly restyled ’39 Ford 4-door Sedan, the picture of the ’39 was taken on June 4, 1950. Notice the 1951 Hudson sign in the background.


CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-04This is Bill Harber’s ’29 Roadster, December 18, 1945. Dick Price is wearing the two tone jacket, some guy named Paul is sitting on the running board. Bill might have been in the car. According to Jim Harber, the roadster was bought from a neighbor that had kept it running during the war until he could buy a new car.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-09This photo shows that same roadster after Bill was done with it. Jim said the neighbor almost had a heart attack when he saw what Bill had done to his roadster.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-11This photo, and those below are all Bill Harber’s roadster taken at the San Bernardino Roadster club house.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-05They later added the two side mounted exhausts.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-06Bill’s ’29 roadster next to Dick Price’s ’32 roadster.


CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-14The engine in Bill’s Roadster looked really great with plenty of chrome plated hop up parts. And it ran pretty fast as well.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-03Dick Price’s ’32 roadster and Bill Harber’s ’23 model A parked in front of the Hudson Dealership in San Bernardino, which was owned by Dick’s father.


CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-08Dick Price’s ’32 roadster at El Mirage. They used the Hudson shop truck for a push vehicle. The same truck is supposed to be someplace up in Devore in a backyard.


CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-13This photo was taken in 1948 when Bill belonged to the Redlands Hornets. The speed was 124.35 m.p.h.

CCC-hudson-joe-colletion-p1-12This side shot of the ’32 roadster in front of the Hudson service bay was taken on March 29, 1949.

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  • Thank you Hudson Joe! Please pass on our gratitude to Mr. Frazier for sharing through you. He sure needs to know there are folks out there who really enjoy those photos, and stories from back in the day.

  • I sure will! Ill call him today! For the life of me Im trying to remember where I got the San Bernardino photos. Years of collecting and memory fails. Or just too much paint and metal fumes! Just wait till Rik posts up part two. Harlan Frazier and hotrodding in Burbank and Santa Monica, Harlan had a good eye for cars and photography. The killer T pick-up he built was perfect in stance and style and there were transitions of the build through the years. Rik has done it again! What a cool suprise!!

  • In a perfect world all the CCC guys would meet up in a parallel universe. . . Perhaps in a seedy bar about two blocks away from
    Gil’s or Harry’s workshops around 1946. For now it will have to just hang out here. But I’ll have a scotch on the rocks of you are buying.

  • Great Pics Hudson Joe. Tell Mr Frazier that he has fans all over the world now.
    CCC is our parallel universe Quentin. At least for now…….

  • . As a member of the Burbank Road Kings (established in 1952) I am looking foreword to part two. Thanks for the pics Hudsonjoe.

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