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    Hey guys… In 2012 I was at my peak of collecting BARRIS memorabilia… But also in 2012 I had a life changing experience that slowed me down…. And my Barris Collecting also slowed down too…..

    Tho is still remember when there was an untapped resource of memorabilia around from about 2003 intill 2009……In 2009 the Barris collecting peaked at this point in time due to George Barris getting up there in age and people all of a sudden wanted a part of him to remember him by…….. George’s son was releasing a book on AMAZON and he was promoting him self at car shows and also in some small Hop up style magazines……. All this add to the hype and lure of that BARRIS memorabilia or car that he built that I was trying to find……….

    I found so many dead ends with stories only a few ever became true and would have the chance to buy something no one had seen or knew of…..

    I remember one sunday in SANTA CRUZ when the BOARDERS BOOK store was down town on the main street and I would park my 55 Chevrolet and go in and read books for free and buy then odd one to collect…… I remember a guy who spoke to me about a BARRIS MERC he had sitting in his yard and while reading my magazine I kind of ignored what he was telling me………

    I was like yeah yeah pal…..What ever …..! And I was just tired of chasing that rainbow…..But as this happed guys like AXEL was finding BARRIS CARS in L.A still……….. In 2009 I don’t think the C.C.C existed as yet….

    Rik will correct me if im wrong….??? Sorry Rik as we get older guess we tend to forget some things, And I never thought I would……..!!

    Well at this time guys like ALEX XYDIAS was also getting older ……………!!! Gene Winfield seemed  to be getting younger because every time I saw him at a car show he had 21 year old girls hanging off him…..!! And I was like GOD DAM  GENE , Hes got some game that fella…HUH….!!! Scheech Some times he was also never around…???? HHHMMMMMM…??? WERE IS GENE GONE TO….?????

    None the less this story is about hunting BARRIS / and anything S.C.T.A…….

    I once bought a FIRST winners jacket that belonged to a guy who broke a world record at the S.T.C.A and the jacket now stands in a S.C.T.A collection in Florida U.S.A.  The guy called me every week until he broke me and I caved in and sold it…………

    Tho I sold the jacket I had a huge collection of very rare WW2 BOMBER JACKETS from killed pilots that were left in there lockers, Some were to B25 Liberator crews who flew low altitude bombing runs, Witch in turn when shot down was a guarantee all crew would be lost…. I was at ww 3 with the JAPANESE all over again … Because at this time they were hunting U.S.A jackets to un stich and copy…1 of the biggest collectors worked for JAPAN AIRLINES from SAN FRANCISCO and i refused to sell my jackets to Japan that belonged to killed pilots who were shot down in the PACIFIC THEATER…

    In the end they got jackets and now we have re pop ww2 U.S.N deck jackets / tankers jackets/ Buzz Rickson ww2 jackets……

    Other stuff to collect was rare books / magazines, Every one hunted the Full set of early HOP UPS / HOT ROD ISSUES, The first one had STUART HILBORN’S ROADSTER on the cover and a full set of these hop ups are impossible to find…..!!!

    Also at this time SACRAMENTO VINTAGE FORD was the place to take your hard earned cash….!!! The guy who ran the place could pretty much sell you anything that was UBER RARE…!! But he commanded top FEDIA…!!! He still had N.O.S. DU VUALL windo frames and crazy flat head Ford manifolds and Kong ignitions…..!!

    In the time called 2007 a time before the Japanese owned MOON EYES and I would go down there and go on dates with the hot gal who worked the front counter, She took me across the way to a little bar….. Also I could go in the tool room and I was allowed to help make my moon discs and the old guy would let me use the wood paddle and show me how it was done…..I remember telling him how I had an overwhelming erge to liberate the original stamping tool that said “MOON”  And put it in my pocket…..!!! I was informed it was the same one used from the very start and was like 60 years old….!! He even let me stamp “SALINAS CALIFORNIA ” on the moon discs so it would deture some one from steeling them off my 1955 Chevrolet I drove every day…!!! They were to fun days …!!!

    The other guy at the time to collect stuff from was a rich Architect guy who lived in SANTA CRUZ and had wonderful home with  glass garage doors and the worlds biggest collection of UBER RARE FLAT HEAD FORD HEADS AND MANIFOLDS…..

    This guys stuff was so rare he had the only known “DAVIS ” SLINGSHOT manifold  on his 32 Ford roadster…He Also had number 7 of the first 10 manifolds Edelbrock  made in 1939 before WW2……His collection was so huge and so rare he told me just by selling off his heads and manifolds he completely paid off his house mortgage….!!!

    When I was there to buy some rare parts alls the guy was interested in was talking to my girlfriend about his book he wrote about his KAT…..!!! Alls I could do was oooogogle….Over his FORD flat head parts…..!!!

    These are just a few of the amazing people I came across collecting stuff……..

    So as an avid collector I came across some photos to collect……

    Yesterday I was prompted that my windos 7 will no long be in use and this caused me to upgrade…..But in the process I went back to look at old emails with photos of leads I never followed up…………

    I can say I was quite shocked when I opened an email containing a  batch of original small photos that I was in the process of hunting down…..I am not sure why I did I let this slip away from me…….But I surely made a very big mistake……..

    The original unseen photos Show Barris with his kustom Buick in what seems to be Primer …….It shows the stuart hilborn roadster and also the Jack calori roadster too……..

    There are some other hot rods that can be I.D im sure………

    The photo of the STUART HILBORN ROADSTER is the exact one they used on the first edition of hot rod , Asmall paperback book for the first several issues…….

    But the Barris photo of his 41 Buick shows he was at least at the S.C.T.A and it was before he had done the fade away’s on his front fenders…..

    Hope you guys like the photo as I thought the photo in KODAK KOLOR that was just discovered was amazing….!!

    I hope I can make contact with the guy who has the photos and try to still buy them, But I think they may have slipped by me and I dought id be lucky enough….!!!!

    I am going to pray to the KING him self…..!! Please Geroge Barris let me have these photos, I promise to look after them share them with others and keep the kustom tradition alive….AMEN….!!!





    Rik Hoving

    Will read your story later, when I’m behind my computer again. But had to thank you for sharing those amazing photos. WOW.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing



    Rik please do your magic and study them and maybe upload the Barris one so its on its own and can be seen in abetter way.



    Rik Hoving


    George Barris’s ’41 Buick and Jim Kierstead’s ’39 Mercury… best I could do.

    Jim Kirstead-Barris-39-Mercury-Luke


    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

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