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    I hear he died. Very sad news.

    Mild Mitch

    He will definitely be missed. Sad indeed. I feel fortunate to have been involved with him and all you here.



    That is very sad, i often wondered how he is doing because he hasn‘t posted for a long time and i hoped he is doing well. That makes me very sad to hear about his passing.

    Rik Hoving

    A very, VERY sad day.

    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    Torchie will be missed… a lot!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Larry Pointer

    Thank you, Rik.  This is the first I have received.  I’m so appreciative that the news came from you.  You have brought together so many of like passions, to sharings on the CCC.  Sharings about the beauty of customizing, for sure, but so much more than that one common interest.  Friendships have grown, all around this old World, because of your vision, Rik Hoving.  So many of us feel this loss and sadness, but also the humble realization of the precious gift of friendship you have given.

    Karl “Torchie” Gilewicz became a very special friend.  When he shared in October that he was facing that inevitable end time, we formed a pact.  I would send a note daily, both of us knowing no response was possible.  Just sharings of the spirit.  Friendship is the most precious treasure in life.

    Tender mercies,

    kristopher hop

    Just read this on the HAMB. I didn’t have to much interaction with him but he was definitely a big help with my taillight project.


    Sad to hear. I was always inspired by his determination to keep moving ahead despite the things that would hold back folks made of lesser “stuff.” When he sold his 41 car/truck and money was tight, that didn’t stop him from finding something that fit the budget that he could make something cool out of. Quite the impressive guy and I will miss seeing what he is up to. Prayers for his family and friends.

    Bert Gustafsson

    I’m really sorry to hear that, RIP Torchie.


    bob tindale

    Very sorry to hear of his passing. RIP Torchie.

    Mild Mitch

    I must say, Torchie was very inspirational to me. Not only what he took on, but under the circumstances he was always dealing with in his daily life. He was one of very few that helped me realize what might be possible as far as creating something from nothing. He made me believe I could do things that I otherwise would not take on.

    Larry, I am happy you were close with him enough to be of comfort and solace. And I truly feel honored to have known Torchie here. And Rik, thank you. I too am indebted to all here. For the free-flowing knowledge, help and openness this community provides each of us. We have lost an incredible guy and friend to all of us.

    Cheers Torchie!


    Quentin Hall

    Oh Torchie, I’m really gonna miss your sense of humour. Your toughness in tackling insurmountable problems and still having a laugh at the end of the day.
    A good man that will live on in our hearts.
    Thankyou for giving to us all.


    That is really sad. Prayers to friends and family.  May he RIP and cruise in heaven.


    We will miss his eternal optimism and his way of continually finding creative ways to make his projects that much more unique..
    R.I.P. Torchie


    Jus' creepin' along..

    Dave Tartaglia

    Damn. RIP, Torchie.


    Ian Gibbons

    I was just thinking about Torchie the other day and was worried that his health may have taken a turn for the worse given his lack of posts lately  Not at all the news I wanted to hear. He will be be missed.

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