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    Rik Hoving

    Ever since the Corona Crisis started, and people have been home bound, a lot of people started to clean up their attics, or sort their shoe-boxes with old photos. A lot more great material has been shared on Social Media in the last month or so. One of the people who has been sharing their recent “discoveries” is Rod Powell.

    I will be sharing the material he has shared on his Facebook page on this thread, hope you will enjoy it as mush as I do.

    All words by Rod Powell.





    “Don Varner’s F100”Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-41


    “My ‘58 Impala. I lowered it, removed some of the chrome and painted it Burma Green with gold powder added for more sparkle. 1960”




    “Larry Barlow’s ‘52 Dodge. He painted it in Auto Body Shop at Hartnell JC”




    “I added the scallops. In these 2 pictures we were getting teady to leave for Tijuana.”



    This is the Tijuana upholstery shop. That’s Larry keeping an eye on his car. It was all white tuck and roll when they were finished. We used to drive all night and roll into TJ at 7:00 AM Saturday morning. 24 hours later we were on the way home with a brand new custom interior.Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-39


    “My second ‘39 Chev. Mr Bailey painted it for me and I had Don Varner do the pinstriping”



    Here it is in the Salinas High School car show 1958Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-36


    “This is my first flame job… yellow primer with purple flames. I sprayed them in a friends barn.”




    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Rik Hoving

    From Rod Powell…

    “This was a ‘55 Chev wagon that was partially chopped and never finished. About ten years later my friend Bill Dronek pulled it out of a field and got it together mechanically. He brought it to my shop and Ted Mitchell and I finished the body work. We finished the windshield, rear gate, filled in the side glass and I sprayed it Murano Pearl Yellow. To finish it off I added the Candy tangerine flames……”


    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Rik Hoving

    Words by Rod Powell…


    “Jon Gimelli was working on this old Barris Kustom he owned. He brought it in to see if we could help him with some of the bodywork.”



    “We began work on Jon Gimelli’s ‘40 Merc. It had an original custom padded top.”




    “Jon decided the top was too far gone and the windshield area needed some changes.”



    “Tom Cutino is working on the hood gaps and hinge adjustments.”Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-04


    “Jon didn’t like the peak in the windshield so he had Tom Cutino flatten it and add new glass.”Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-05



    “After hours of blocksanding, many coats of primer and lots of prepwork, Jesse Cruz painted it purple. Then it went back to Jon for the interior and finish details.”




    “After Jon Gimelli finished putting his car back together he sold it. Not long after that the new owner wrecked it.”Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-08



    “This picture is how the car looked as a Barris Kustom. The picture is from the ‘70’s……”Rod-Powell-Scanned-Images-06

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    so kool!

    That 58-so mild, so perfect!

    If it's about anything, then it's gotta be style.

    Rik Hoving

    Gary Calvert’s ‘56 Olds.


    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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