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    Hello All,

    Im Janine and Im a newbie here so please be gentle with me and tell me if I am going against any group rules etc…

    Ive recently returned to work after taking 10 yrs out to raise my family.  The company I work for specialise in custom cars, classic car hire, restoration etc etc..  Im office based.

    I confess to not yet knowing an awful lot but I am learning.

    I have been tasked with trying to find out if a flocking sideline would be a viable option for the company to expand into.  So basically Im asking if flocking is a dying art or is there actually a customer base out there that would still need this service.   This side of the company would not require to be particularly profitable and long as it covered its own costs and there is a market out there.

    Could anyone PLEASE help me with regard to finding out this information.  Maybe pointing me in the direction of where I could find this info or indeed letting me know if that as a custom builder yourself you would require this sort of service at any time.

    Obviously the majority of the work would be for car customisation but there would also be scope for other things (model railways etc)

    Thoughts please…..??


    Thank you in advance

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    Rik Hoving

    Hello Janine

    I do not think this is the right forum for this. I don’t think any of our members, or readers will be using much flocking in their cars. There might be a market for it, but the more traditional Custom Car market will not be one of them.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Thank you for your response Rik, therein lies my problem – I dont know where I should be asking.


    Take care xx

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