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    Rik Hoving

    From Steve Pierce

    There she is in all her glory. 40 Buick waiting to get started. First thing first, get her to sit lower and a good old fashion haircut.


    A arms plated and ready for bags.


    I think someone is ready for a hair cut. Chopping 4″ out of her.


    Lowering the roof. The easy part is done now its time to put her back together. Thanks @seangordondarnelle for helping.


    The 40 Buick came outside for some fresh air. Chop flows how I like it. Time to continue filling the open spaces.


    Well the rear part is ready for some hammering. All welded up. Thanks to my friends that rolled through to help me. @seangordondarnelle @lowered49 @worldfamouskylemartin Time to work on the doors.


    Just hard topping. It fit together nicer then what I thought.


    ’38 ford headlights getting mocked up on the 40 Buick


    That’s what ’38 ford headlights look on my ’40 Buick. I have a few spots to fix up some more but its hot.


    Ok the Cadillac bumper is modified and brackets are made and fit like a champ.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    More from Steve…

    Template, bucks, metal, and a hammer. Let’s make some kustom shit.


    The 40 Buick out for some air yesterday. Time to widen the running boards and mount the #appletons112 on her.


    Put the Appletons 112 on the 40 Buick last night. Thanks @seangordondarnelle for all the help.


    Round two is about to start. Making the pan for the back bumper


    The rear bumper valence is done. No ugly bumper brackets showing here.


    Rough size and shape of the flush mounted skirts I’m going to make for the 40 Buick First things first I have to make the fenders have this opening.


    Well I got the skirt formed and just mocked up last night. It’s a long way from being done but I like the way it’s going.


    Skirts are done. I feel they are the best pair I have made to date.


    Rear suspension links for the 40 Buick Hopefully the plan works.


    That is modified 1940 Buick suspension that goes that low. I can’t believe it worked. I only had to cut two squares in the floor so I could bolt the bags in.


    So I got the brakes/suspension done. The column is on its way so steering soon. The pic shows how low I was able to get the stock rear suspension to go.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    From Steve…


    Well I made and got the tanks and compressors mounted in the 40 Buick I’m still waiting on the damn column. I guess I’ll order the gas tank so I can still be moving forward.


    I love when the vision in my head works out. Gas tank mounts are almost done. 65 mustang tank for the 40 Buick.


    All tanks are mounted. Two 5 gallon air tanks and one 65 mustang gas tank.


    The steering column is coming along nice. Thanks @robbiethebuilder for making the drop for me. Now I wait for UPS guy for a couple parts and I’ll have a steering car.


    40 Buick come outside to breath this last weekend. Moving along.


    Operation “sure I can make my own tail lights in the bumper guards” is in full effect. If they don’t kill me I’ll be happy.


    The fit is tight. Thanks @worldfamouskylemartin for doing the “pain in the ass” work.


    Taillights are officially done. They light up great. It was a long road but I’m very happy the way they turned out. Hand made tailights


    My good friend @worldfamouskylemartin surprised me with this really rad hand painted version of “Pamela”. My 40 #Buick that I am working on. I’m very honored to own this piece and it means a lot to me. Now hopefully I can build it as good as he drew it. Lol


    Cream and chrome. You can’t go wrong with that.


    Finally the 40 Buick has its radiator in her. One day I’ll buy a radiator that doesn’t need modification. Thanks @robbie.azevedo for the welding. Time to make the hood. Woo hoo!


    Hood time. I left my #40Buick at @robbie.azevedo ‘s shop he’s going to get her ready for some body work in 3 weeks. Hood, stainless, steering wheel he’s the man.


    That one time when the #roadster met the #40buick The cars are coming along. I can’t wait to get the #40 on the road.


    Right side drip rail is extended. The stock way was just not cutting it. On to the other side.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    From Steve…

    This shows why I feel I have a great and talented group of friends. This motor is looking great. I just can’t wait for the #40buick to look this good. Thanks to @temperformance for building this bad boy. @worldfamouskylemartin for painting the block for me. @robbie.azevedo for making me the awesome one off valve covers. And @johnnystoer_outlawdpaint for painting and lettering Robbie’s awesome work. Those are all stand up guys and I’m very happy to call them all my good friends.


    Oh you know the old saying, “fits like a glove.” Well it did and I didn’t even scratch it. Thanks to my dad and my uncle.


    A little action shot.


    The 40 Buick is ready and waiting on my friend @johnnystoer_outlawdpaint body work is about to begin. I’m very excited.


    Just seeing what @johnnystoer_outlawdpaint been doing. The cars coming along.


    Well Pamela came out to the sunshine today. Looking good but not there yet.


    Loading the 40 Buick up for gnrs. Well no not really. But it’s off to go get some primer on it. Have fun Johnny.


    Johnnystoer_outlawdpaint primed the #40buick this last weekend. Off to get some kustom stainless made. Getting excited. One day one day.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    From Steve…

    When you have retired hot rod builder of the year doing some work on your shit. Anything is possible. Thanks @robbie.azevedo the side trim is coming out exactly like how I imagine.


    The 40 Buick project is moving along very nicely. My #bfff @robbie.azevedo is killing the hard work for me. The side trim looks awesome. The brass window trim is done and now he’s onto the window frames. The craftsmanship is top notch and above me. Thank you buddy.


    Robbie Azevedo is killing it on the trim and Windows. It’s crazy how he made it exactly how I pictured it in my head. I can wait for some chrome and blue paint.


    I can’t wait for this thing to have paint on it so I can start working on it again.


    This car means more to me then any another car I own. This will be the last car I was able to show my Mom before she passed away. The crazy thing is this car was 3 different colors and definitely didn’t look the best from the outside. But I will always remember her telling me she really like it and she knew I would make it look beautiful. Building cars are my hobby and hobbies should be fun. If you don’t have fun doing it then don’t do it. One day i hope I can get this car finished and unveil it at gnrs like I promised her.


    Back to working on my 40 Buick I finished all the welding on the rear bumper.


    The dash is done. Time to order the gauges. So much shiny going on.


    From the naked eye it may still look the same. But nope! Forward progress. Sanding and blocking. Hopefully it will be in a different kolor by the end of this week.

    The car has some blue color on it. Hell yes!!!!!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    From Steve…

    Oh don’t mind this. It’s just a room full of chrome. Good bye money.


    Kyle World Famous Kyle Martin laid some final blue paint on my 40 Buick today. I am soooo happy.


    Getting parts ready. Headlight buckets done.


    Today was the day I’ve been waiting for. I got to see my 40 Buick in shinny paint. I didn’t make gnrs this year but you better believe she’ll be ready to kick some ass soon. Thank you to everybody that has helped me get it to this part.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Brian Arcella

    Wow that was very inspirational very nice work


    Mild Mitch

    Yes! Great Buick. Incredible design and fab work.



    Nice car!


    Something a bit different ..and VERY cool!  Kudos to everyone involved!



    Jus' creepin' along..


    Quentin Hall

    I must say that this is my favourite shade of blue. I painted my first Cadillac a 57 sedan a similar shade back in the late 80s when all my mates were saying “ you shoulda painted it pink”.

    This will be a very classy custom. Inspiration to keep plugging away.

    Welcome Steve.


    Rik Hoving

    From Steve…

    “No filter needed. Chrome on a @worldfamouskylemartin paint job. Merry Christmas to me.”

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing



    Beautiful workmanship !



    Rik Hoving

    Steve Pierce-40-buick-series-21

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing



    That grille and headlite set up just looks so nice and flowing, What a great combination for the front I love it, and the kolor, My fav shade of blue also…..what a nice kustom…


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