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    Rik Hoving

    What is the story on the other T Bird with the dagmar bumper ends ? Is this the R&C magazine car from 1956 ?

    I don’t know Larry. The photos on Facebook came with no info, and I have not had time to look into these T-Birds yet to see if this could be the one the Valley Custom Shop restyled in the R&C magazines in 1956.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing



    I received a phone call Friday from a fellow in Idaho asking what I may know about the Valley/ R&C TBird . He mentioned being an acquaintance of the Emorys but it struck me as odd he had not spoken to Gary . Yet he was very familiar with many of those who are part of the “Valley Custom ” story. Since there appears to be no mention or pictures Of the R&C TBird other than those posted here , are we about to find out about another unknown piece of the “Valley Custom “story ?



    Jeff Neppl

    Has anyone found any info on that kind of recently seen photo of that gorgeous chopped ford coupe? Sat real low with no rear skirts. Very nice looking car.


    Curt Iseli

    Glen Hooker’s car has always been one of my favorites. The ’55 Buick is new to me. It’s awesome. I know a lot of guys put Packard taillights in these (that’s what I had in my old ’55 Super), but on this car the stock housings look cool. Just enough brightwork to balance all that black. I’m surprised they didn’t actually french the headlight rings, though they look fine just painted.

    Best thing about ’55 Buicks is they came with ’55 Buick caps!


    Kevan Sledge

    Great stuff, thanks Rik!


    Eric H

    Wow, great pics!


    Some sort of weird car-ma brought me to this thread right after re-reading my February ’59 issue of R&C. Great how-to on “dropping the leading edge of the fenders” of the T-Bird pictured above. Curt, I noticed that the Ford headlamp doors are not moulded to the fenders on the Bird either.. Makes the car look clean – yet somehow more “factory” than out-and-out custom. Clever stuff by the Valley Custom guys.


    Jus' creepin' along..


    Eric Whiting

    Sure would like to see more of the Buick. It will be basis for my build when the time comes. Would like to see the interior especially.


    Kyle Connole

    Great photos!  Would love to see more.


    Larry Pointer

    Me, too!  I’d like to know more of Tad Hirai’s story.  Whatever became of the Del-Mar?, or the Buick.  So much to learn yet about the Valley Custom shop and the men who made history there.

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