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    Rik Hoving

    Yeah…. updates… I have been looking forward to this.

    Progress on both the car and kitchen looks really great.

    I love the kick panel and how the angle cut roll’s continue from one panel to the other…. very professional.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Larry Pointer

    Thank you, Ian for sharing your step by step photos and explanations of how you are handling each challenge in construction. I’d not started following the threads of the Forum until recently, and have had fun catching up on your progress. I just picked up a 37 Chevy coupe, low mileage but scorched and warped in a shop fire. Your work is an inspiration!


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks for all the nice words guys. Thanks for the comment about the kick panel Rik it was definitely a challenge to get the pleats to work out from the door panel to the kick panel.



    Ian I really like the wheels on your truck.. They look like reversed and center set a little in..?

    As for your kitchen…..Well that looks pretty neat too.. Good to see you are keeping the 216 IN 6 banger….

    There is a bunch of really kool speed equipment you can get….. There is a manifold called a McGurk 2×3 there are 2 types, one for the 216 /235 and another for the GMC 6 at first glance they look the same but there not… Its the only 6 banger intake that puts each carb right above the intake and give perfect fuel flow…. Nicson heads, ALgon fuel injection, Howard cross flows or even a 471 jimmy blower all period early 1950’s speed hop up goodies…..
    Well hang in there Ian the truck is looking sweet……..



    Very nice work, thanks for sharing!


    "The devils in the details"


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks guys! Kustomland it is actually a 235 not the original 216 (it was too far gone to use). Thanks for the info about speed parts but with the Canadian Dollar the way it is these days it is going to be a while before being able to buy anything from the U.S. is going to be feasible. Adding 40% in exchange rate, not to mention insane shipping costs, has really put a damper on a lot of us on this side of the border being able to get the stuff we need for our projects.


    37 Zephyr Coupe

    Lovely truck in the making there Ian. I really like the front end and hood treatment, the hood side cut outs are superb.



    Ian Gibbons

    Still plugging along with the upholstery. The next thing I have decided to tackle is the inner fire wall and I am going to do it in diamonds. First I made a pattern out of poster board but didn’t take a picture not that exciting anyway it’s a piece of paper cut in the same shape as the final panel :). You can kind of see it in the first picture.

    Then I laid out the panel shape and the diamonds on the vinyl:

    firewall 1

    Then sew the diamonds:

    Firewall 2

    And then trim out the rest of the panel.

    Now I have to do the other side and then the bumpout in the firewall.


    Rik Hoving

    Love it.
    Just like Bill Gaylord did it o the Hirohata Mercury.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks Rik!

    Ok now on to the passenger side. Same routine pattern, layout, sew. The one difference on this side is the notch for the pipes from the heater core is in a more visible location than the notches on the other side so I bound it to make it look a bit more presentable.


    Firewall 4

    A trick I learned from a post by Aussie trimmer Brent Parker on the Hog Ring for binding holes.

    First sew two pieces of vinyl together face to face in the shape of your hole:

    Cut out

    Then cut out the inside and flip rightside out:

    cut out 2

    Then glue it to the back of panel, sew around the opening and cut off the excess and you get the finished panel:

    firewall 6


    Ian Gibbons

    A little more progress. I did the centre section and then tied it to the driver side piece.


    Centre 2

    Firewall 7

    Sorry the last picture is a bit blurry I was trying to take it quickly as the panel kept slumping down as it is not attached yet. Overall I am pretty happy with the way it is turning out. The carpet is not in place and will come right up to the bottom of these panels.



    Interior is Looking great Ian. 🙂
    Are you using a commercial machine or a regular one ?


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks. I am using an industrial walking foot machine Pfaff 1245. I picked it up for $500 a few years ago.


    Ian Gibbons

    Well it’s all just kind of precariously balanced with masking tape holding it up in this picture but a rough idea of what the finished product will look like.




    Love it! Great work!

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