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    Great job on the running boards Ian. I had a 37 Chevy Pickup back in the mid 80’s and there was very little available for them at the time as well. Just some basic fibreglass body parts.


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks Torchie. Well here is the next step in the running board. I decided to modify it so it would run under the bed side so the first task was making the upright flanged part to follow that and tie into the first piece I made. That was done with the shrinker and stretcher. (If the pictures seem kind of wacky it is because there is a mix of shots from work on both sides)

    Then I made a template of the bottom so I could cut it out in steel.

    Then all the pieces were tacked togehter.

    And finally fit on the truck.

    So now I have to weld them up and add mounting brackets and reinforcement on the bottom.


    Ian Gibbons

    Good to see the site back up Rik!

    I have finished welding up and mounting the running boards.

    RB Welded

    RB Welded 2

    I then decided to roll it outside an throw the rest of the front end together quickly. Nothing is really put together properly so ignore the crappy fit of the panels.

    Truck Front

    Truck Side

    I still have to make new panels to fill the gap between the running board and the box and rework the bototm of the stake pockets at the front of the bed but it is getting closer.


    Rik Hoving

    Ian….. Man… that looks so great seeing it outside and all put together!
    Fantastic work.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing



    Wow Ian !!!
    Great workmanship on the running boards and the entire truck as a whole.
    The profile shot really tells the tale. This is really a great looking truck.
    Guys like you help keep me honest on my build. LOL
    Nice to see that you use the same CAD (Cardboard Assisted Design) system that I use. Currently making the templates for the cab floor on mine.



    Coming along really well.


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks guys I really appreciate all the nice comments! Torchie I am just a hack that tries things over and over until I figure them out. Before I started this project, many years ago, I had Zero experience with any of this and have learned as I go. It is one of the reasons this project has taken so long as I end up redoing things that I did years ago that I feel I can do a better job at now. Thanks again guys it is nice to get such positive feedback.


    Jeff Neppl

    Ian…. really looking good. I really dig the over all look of the truck. Keep up the good work,running boards look great.


    Ian Gibbons

    Thanks Jeff I appreciate it!

    Quick update I have done some work on extending and rounding over then ends of the front stake pockets so they match the back and made the filler piece to go between the running board and bed.

    Stake pocket 1

    stake pocket 2

    And another really cool thing that I had NO idea about is an article Manuel wrote about how he and Pete Chapouris painted the flames on “The California Kid”. My paint will have been mixed by hot rod royalty!!

    Pete and Jake


    Ian Gibbons

    Well a few small updates. I have been madly trying to get the boy work complete so I could spray paint but at this point I think I am going to have to wait until next year. The weather has really started to cool off and we are luck if we hit highs of about 15 Celsius at this point and down below freezing on a lot of nights. I do have heat in the garage but it is a gas burning furnace so I an not going to take the chance of not being able to open any doors to remove the fumes while painting and running a furnace with an open flame in it. I applied undercoating to everything that needed it as well so I am making progress. Here are a couple of pictures of the mess. The haze in the air in the last two images is dust from sanding primer I hate body work!! 🙁


    truck 2

    truck 3


    Ian Gibbons

    Well a quick update. I decided to go with a white engine. I painted it a almost pearl white and then took some of the gold powder added to some clear and dusted that overtop to give it a slight off white colour. Did the rocker and pushrod cover in the same blue as the dash. I have also painted the frame and have begun reassembling the chassis. I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into making it look super nice as I felt it would definitely not have been done that way back in the day and I am not trying to build a show car so I pretty much left it as is and painted it.

    engine 1

    Engine 2



    Jeff Neppl

    Looks good Ian,nice and clean.I’m sure it looks even better in person.


    Ian Gibbons

    Wow I haven’t updated this for way too long. Progress did slow quite a bit for a few months as I renovated the kitchen and main floor of our house and it took longer than expected (what else is new) mostly due to delays in getting materials but I finally got that done last spring. I was planning to paint last summer but the weather here was unusually hot all summer and I just never got a good enough stretch of mild temperatures to get it done so I have been picking away on some other little stuff.


    I chopped my windshield frame and got it chromed along with the handle for the park brake (I did the body work and painted the lever as well).
    Windshield frame

    I have also been working on getting some more of my upholstery done but ran into some issues with my sewing machine that I had to get sorted out so that has been slow as well.

    Kick panels.
    kick panel


    Ian Gibbons

    I have also been trying to get the carpet done but my skills and machine issues have made it frustrating but I have done this so far.

    Making patterns:

    Layout on carpet:

    After binding:
    carpet 2


    I have also installed a heater and had a driveshaft built and sorted out the parking brake mechanism.

    Park brake

    So that is where I sit as of now. I am still plugging away on the upholstery and cleaning up other stuff in the cab. We have had a mild winter and spring seems to have arrived early so I am hopeful I will get some decent weather before the summer to paint but we will see.



    Really great to see you back at the truck Ian.
    Everything is looking good.
    The kitchen looks great as well. Having done a few houses myself I know the work involved with that and now my wife has that “Remodel” gleam in her eyes again………..

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