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    mark wojcik

    I just want to show off the skills of a good friend, who I have been helping learn the mysterious ways of metalworking. Kenny is modifying his car in my shop, and does the most amazing metal work  I’ve seen. You’ve seen his chopped 54 Plymouth at CCR, and other events here in the East, baby blue, with bare metal nose, roof, taillights.

    Anyway, he decided that the 52 Packard grill in his car would so much better if it was widened, along with the grill opening. He purchased an extra grill, but it’s been difficult trying to find out the best way to weld the two together, being pot metal. Instead of spending so much time and effort experimenting, and practicing, he decided to make the new grill out of sheet metal, since he’s so familiar and proficient with it.  He’s stretching it so 2 more teeth can be added to it, around 4 in. IIRC. He’s using sandbag, English wheel, my Tinman planishing hammer, and Lancaster shrinker-stretcher to do the work. Check it out!

    We’re going to fill any major imperfections with lead free solder, not that there will be many, then do the copper plate, sand, copper, and sand til perfect. Then have it chromed.



    Brian Arcella

    Thats why we call him Mr. Tig


    Rik Hoving

    WOW… very impressive.

    Please keep us posted.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Quentin Hall

    Impressive work. Should we change the heading to “Metalworking Madmen” and open it up to show what every one is doing?  Those complex concave and convex shapes are very tricky and show great skill. Actually this is a great thread idea. I’m working on a Jensen at the moment and as you can see it is a sheet metal workers origami dream ….. or nightmare.



    Both are very impressive!



    Mild Mitch





    Great thread! Let’s see some metalworking talent 🙂


    David Wolk

    Nice work, keep them coming!


    Quentin Hall

    Don’t mean to hog the limelight but I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’m making on the Jensen FF. I know it’s not a custom but it is a Vignale Italian bodied prototype that sadly was neglected in a very damp environment.  They rust at the best of times but this was something else.  The challenge is to reproduce the body substructure with all the differences of the prototype to the regular series production cars. I have to be accurate to very close tolerances ( despite some rather casual Italian assembly). It’s a relief that it is starting to look like a car again. It was a bit scary for a while.




    Man what a job!

    I hope the customer appreciates that not many people can do what you’re doing.

    BTW if you don’t come around, you won’t get your present (and it has nothing to do with blonde women)


    Quentin Hall

    I’m in Perth Tony. …. but I think about coming to visit you every night!

    Where was I ? Check out this superb work. Just found it last night on Facebook, checkout the page . Wow!!!!


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