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    Rik Hoving

    Great to see those in progress photos Kenneth. I really appreciate you are taking those and sharing them here.
    Glad to be able to help on seeing the “finished” the chop before it was done.

    Here is the before and after Digital Restyling…
    Based on the real metal work Kenneth has done and filling in the blank spots with some digital material to give a good view how it will look.

    Will look mighty fine!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Wow, this is going to be nice! Very clever ideas and wonderful metalwork! Looking forward to seeing the progress on this one 🙂

    Robert A. Radcliffe III
    King Kustoms


    really nice work Kenneth as always. and a great flow on the roof all the way. ..sometimes the Cpillar gets way to thick, and that kills the chop in my book..but this is perfect
    great work..keep us posted


    Thanks Rob and Palle.

    Have been thinking about the rearlight for a few days now and have moved it back and forth for I don´t know how many times but I think I fanally got satisfied. Moved it forward slightly more than 1 1/2″ and I find the c-pillar more proportioned. Had Rik to do the same on the photochop he´s done before and this looks a little better than the first. Slightly smaller c-pillar and the top of the roof flows better with the shape of the quarter window I think.


    I agree. I think it always helps the proportions to move the rear window forward a little. Otherwise, the roof size to body size ratio gets thrown out and it starts to look like a Hudson. (Which is OK for a Hudson)

    Rik Hoving

    The slight forward movement of the rear of the top looks good in metal. I think if your client had the flat rear glass it would not have been needed to do this. But this rounded rear glass made the rear of the top / c-pillar look to bulky.
    Well done!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Exactly Rik.But we are working on to eventually buy a new flatter glass from Finland. Have got some info from Wolf and most likely that´s the route we are going.Even though the glass is moved forward, a flatter glass will look better.

    Janne Kutja

    I have been visiting and buying custom glass from that company called Kuttilan Autolasi. It’s small laid back familybusiness.

    Now on Instagram!


    Great work, and good that you are taking time to stand back and watch/ change on the “small” details
    it also helps alot to have Rik or someone else to make some digital restyling!


    Thanks Andreas. Step back and take a real look at things is really important.Have done it with the upper bow for the quarter windows as well. Since I cut it loose and moved it backwards the curve of the driprail came a bit of and I wasn´t pleased whith it at all. To maintaine the curve whithout any hick ups I tried to lean the c-pillar inwards and the curve was good but the pillar and quarterwindow was tilted too much so I cut slots from the backside and straitened it just a little bit instead. I think some where around two or three millimeters or 1/8″. Not much but the curve got a lot better flow afterwards and the c-pillar got a nice slant.Now I will have to make a new piece of driprail and fill the gap.When this is done and the window bows are fixed properly I can start making new panels for the roof.


    Have worked a lot of overtime this last week at my regular work so nothing been done on the Merc untill today. Made some small parts for the driverside driprail and filld the gap in the inner structure after I moved the quarter window backwards. Trying to make the driprail look like stock where it joins with the roof and bodyside on the inside and not just a welded on piece from the outside.Now I know why they used to shave them of instead.

    The profile of the new driprail. Will weld it from the inside.

    Here´s the driprail in one piece.

    Rik Hoving

    Nice work Kenneth, I especially like the way you make it look like the original drip-rail and not welded solid.
    This will give it a nice factory/authentic crisp look.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Tom Nielsen

    I have been following The Mercury Top Chop Blues as I am considering chopping my ’49 Mercury. I like your idea on the drip-rail fabrication. I am also a “”blues” fan, so keep up the good work while having the blues going in the background!


    Thanks Rik.
    Tom.I think blues and kustoms goes hand in hand and I hope you find something you can use on here if you decide to chop your Merc
    Have been working on the roof panel for driver side. Shaped it in the pullmax and trimmed it to fit. Now it´s held in place with clecos and ready for tackwelding.


    oh looks super, your work is great as always.

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