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    Rik Hoving

    We have been flowing the recreation of the Lanny Erickson 1956 Custom here at the Custom Car Chronicle for some time. Lanny Shared some amazing photos of his original Custom with us some time ago, and shared the full story on the original car, as well as on the recreation. The full story can be found HERE.

    The original Custom had Gene Winfield’s first blended paint job, which would later become one of his trademarks. The original Custom named “The Violet Fantasy” was a huge crowd pleased and was featured in many magazines.In the mid 1960’s Lanny sold the car and lost track of it. Gene Winfield found “The Violet Fantasy” in a wrecking  yard in 1994 in Canada, and was told the car had been sitting in this spot for over twenty years. The story was that the windshield had cracked, and they tried to get a new screen cut three times after they gave up and send the car to the junk yard. Gene got in touch with Lanny, and Lanny bought the remains planning to do a full restoration.

    Sadly the car was in a lot worse condition as it first looked, so Lanny got another ’56 Chevy and started to cut out most of the original custom work of the original car and used it to recreate it on the donor Chevy. The Restoration work on the Chevy came to a halt when there was a huge disagreement between Lanny and the Texas Body Shop performing the work. In November 2015 Lanny’s declining health made him decide to offer the project up for sale. In May 2018 Steve Santos of SantosKustoms bought the project from Lanny, took it to his Shop and plans to start on finishing the project as soon as he finds the time.

    We will be following the project here on the Custom Car Chronicle and will be updated by Steve as work progresses. So stay tuned for more on this project, and ultimately the recreation by Steve Santos of Gene Winfield’s very first blended paint job.


    This is how the original ’56 Chevy The Violet Fantasy looked like when found in 1994.


    Lanny Erickson with the remains in 1994


    Bringing her home again…


    Fast forward… May 2018

    Steve Santos on the left picking the car up with Lanny on the right.



    waiting at Steve’s home for Steve to get to time to start on the project.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Lanny also shared some neat memorabilia with Steve… Looking forward to more of these goodies.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Brian Arcella

    Really nice to see it saved we are all mere custodians some luckier than others to have a part of history of our hobby


    Rik Hoving

    Update from Santos Kustoms

    “Well she’s at American Stripping to get cleaned up while I’m finishing up the Olds,so when I get her back I can get started”



    “Picking the Violet Fantasy up from American Stripping. All cleaned up and sealed off with epoxy, ready to rock”.




    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

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