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    After¬†looking for a 1926 MODEL T FORD 1 TONE TT TRUCK to build a GO JOB shop truck. The search for a very extremely Rare ”¬†GRAIN BACK BODY ”¬†¬†Began. 1926 was the first year Henery FORD offered steel cab body were you would take it to a coach building shop 1 of many¬†that existed during the 1920’s.

    This particular TT TRUCK was 1 of only 19 built by a coach builder in¬†DETROIT as a contract. There were¬†many styles of Trucks built for different applications. This style was to carry grain with a latched wooden door at the rear to allow the grain to be poured out. In a¬†1970’s Ford book that was auctioned and sold¬†at HARRA’S CASINO in RENO I bought¬†shows coach body builders¬†names and a records of what they built.

    This was the first year foot operated starter was offered along with the first MUNCI TRANSMISION 2 speed HI / LOW gears.

    After searching hi and low for this 1 only surviving custom coach built rear body it was located in the DAKOTA’s it was sold new to a farm and only used by its original owner who had cattle.

    During its start in life the owner who was born in the 1800 understood how life on the Midwest was tough and to own such a truck was a privilege. The truck was doated ¬†over by the old farmer and no one but him was to even sit in it , Drive it let alone touch it…..!! Family members memories in 2009 told the story of how the old farmer talked to the truck and treated it like one of the working¬†bullocks even stopping at the top of hills to give the truck a rest like a horse….!!!!

    The truck was parked in its barn spot every night and wiped¬†clean of dust and dirt every single day by the farmer who was proud of this new HENRY FORD invention and asset to his farm. The truck was used every day until 1945 when a cold snap swept through the mid west and killed all the live stock on the farm. This was the last time the truck would ever see heavy duty ¬†work when it was used to drag all the¬†killed live stock from the fields to be¬†butchered for the meat. From 1945 until the 1960’s the farmer became so protective of his beloved truck that the grand children were not to go near the barn it was kept in……And now the frail old farmer only used it to¬†collect his mail.

    After the death of the farmer the oldest son inherited the truck and kept it pristine until his death when it was passed onto the grand son who was one of the children not allowed to go near the barn it was kept in……¬†The grandson in his 50’s decided it was time to sell the old truck.

    After hearing about the truck and the style of body that was coach built I contacted the family and asked if I could view the truck as this was one of the body styles I was looking for as a shop truck……..

    After visiting the family in the DAKOTA’s¬†¬†and being stunned of the condition of the truck it was just amazing how it looked brand new as if it was never hardly driven I made an offer that could not be refused. The family told amazing stories of a farmer who¬†saw life on the planes in the 1800’s and¬†the life changing ¬†effect of a simple FORD TRUCK could make to a farmer and why such an assert was cared for so well……

    After buying the truck¬† as a birthday gift for myself on the 4th July 2009¬†and heading back to CALIFORNIA a broken wheel bearing on my trailer would¬†seal a fate that would now bond my self to this old truck just like the old farmer before me……

    With a wheel bearing failing 8 miles out of DICKINSON NORTH DAKOTA on JULY 8TH my hub was smoking and I was barely able to make it to the Sizzler ¬†beside the gas station. While trying not to have my hub destroyed I saw my worst fear coming like a freight train…….. TORNADO………………!!!!!

    As the F4 TORNADO RIPPED TOWARD THE Sizzler with sirens blearing  My Fiancé began to scream and cry as the tornado sirens were damaged and the second siren blast to stay on and tell you its touched never happened. The TORNADO  had already touched.

    After getting to the Sizzler bunker I could see my beloved New FORD TRUCK about to flip on its side on the trailer with the tie down straps snapping like rubber bands my heart sank…..

    Here was a an 88 year old truck looked after all its life¬†and after 4 days I was about to loose it….

    As my¬†4 wheel SUV began to flip over I watched in horror as a young man in a car had his car flipped like a toy upside down and thrown across the parking lot as the TORNADO got closer with nothing any one could do….

    After¬†telling my Fianc√©¬†I am¬†going to save my truck my love for this birthday gift to my self¬†meant so much to me I would¬†do any thing to save it including getting killed. As¬†got to¬†the Sizzler door it was stuck shut from the vacuum of air from the tornado, As I squeezed myself out I was hit in the head by a piece of hail the size of a golf ball and¬†nearly knocked unconscious with blood pouring from my head I crawled to my¬† Beloved¬†Model¬†T Ford……

    Now if any one can understand if you have ever started a Model T each one has its own personality on how its starts , How the spark advance has a sweet spot , And how hard it was to concentrate on starting it as if I was John Dillinger trying to rob a bank with a quick getaway……!!!!¬†¬†With 3 peddles a hand brake lever and a 2 speed MUNCIE.

    To accelerate forward you have to keep the peddle half way down for low and another for reverse. The intense feeling of trying to keep the peddles in the correct spot while shaking was something I will never forget.

    Trying to start the truck with the electric starter button on the floor while leaning all the way across the dash turning the fuel knob on and then lifting the fuel lever up and down as fast as I could to prime it then all of a sudden every thing turned pure white…..!!! And I could now not even see ……

    As I new the TORNADO was only 100’s of feet away I reversed and launched the truck off my trailer like¬†GRAVE DIGGER¬†Monster truck in the LAS VEGAS Arena on 1 wheel…. It just about did a kart wheel backwards and I then began to just close my eyes and pray and try and remember were the Macy’s Mall was next to the Sizzler and I drove the truck blind hoping to not¬†run into anything…… After finding the edge of the building I crept the truck into the glass doors of a shopping mall and finally crashed it. As the TORNADO destroyed the tiny town of DICKINSON NORTH DAKOTA¬†I had saved my birthday present and beloved Model T FORD¬†TRUCK.

    The truck¬†deserved special treatment with period correct 1920’s “GO JOB ” PERFORMANCE.

    Dropped RAJO front spindles

    SPECIAL BOSCH HI –¬†PO¬†bolt on front distributor with oil pump drive

    1922 ROBERT ROOF EIGHT VALVE OVERHEAD with a 3 way exhaust port to guarantee no back pressure.

    And new to the edition for the engine a RACING AKERS COMPANY counter balanced crank to sustain speed of 5000 R.P.M

    Now when I look at the truck or am near it ¬†I smile and get a special feeling¬†because I nearly died that day on the 8th July 2009 because of that old¬†JALOPY. Something deep with in me, Maybe even the old farmer’s spirit makes me protective of it and I often wonder as I am getting older I noticed¬†I am grumpy at people when its parked some were and people just want to touch it and take photos.

    The truck and I have a love hate relation ship because some times it wont start and I have to walk away, Some times it stops on TOP DEAD CENTER and when the truck is stopped in ”¬† MAGNITEO ”¬†it turns its self on¬†from left over spark.

    Ive even been electrocuted when I ate breakfast and went to touch the spark lead while it was running on magneto and vomited on the side walk while the neighbor’s watch and laugh.

    For some un known reason every time I drive it I forget to put fuel in it because the gas tank is under the seat and I have to push it off the road.

    Its nearly run me over a dozen times and taken off down the street with me running after it while crank starting it.

    None the less I love my FORD TT 1 TON TRUCK “GO JOB ”





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    Yes WOW. Amazing story and nice score. Incredeble how it still is in such good condition after 20 years of daily work.Good luck with it and hope it not will kill you.

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