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    Ken Norrena

    So, a couple of months ago I got to buy Yaril Quintana’s old 41 Buick Convertible. I’ve been asking him to sell it to me for a few years……and he finally did😁

    The 41 Buick vert has been a dream car of mine for many years, so to get this car I had to let my 46/47 Ford vert go ( now beeing built by new owner in Finland)


    The Buick arrived here in Norway a couple of weeks ago, just in time for fall/winter garage season. I’ve been working tuning it to run properly, fixing av few leaks and minor mechanical stuff. The chassis looks to be in good shape, so it shouldn’t take long before I can start with some restyling and bodywork.

    Since I got the car I have added the correct 1941 Buick grille centrepiece, Lyon wheel covers, some gauges, 1950 Buick horn ring and 1947 Cali plates with 1950 tabs (that’s the year I am going for, )

    On the shelf I have a pair of Lorraine spotlights, 49/50 chevrolet bumper and license guards (guards will have taillights and park lights like the Piasano/Barris Ogden Buick)

    Plans are to mold the rear fenders, and reshape and mold the front and rear valance. Remove the round taillights. French headlights. Get it up an inch or two in the front, and get the car in primer and drive it next summer.

    I am missing a few hard to find parts like exterior mirrors, wing windows, top interior door moldings etc. If any leads please let me know!

    Thanks for looking, have a great weekend guys!IMG_20180919_221306_587




    Ken Norrena

    A few more pictures.



    Bert Gustafsson

    Congrats. It doesn’t get much better than a -41 Buick convertible, looking forward to see it in person next summer.


    Ken Norrena

    Thanks Bert!


    Rik Hoving

    Very exciting for you… and us…

    This will be so nice… and your plans for it… SPOT ON!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing




    Keep the post coming please.




    Congrats for the score ,  really sweet , more -41 Buick customs in Scandinavia , looking forwards to see it !



    Ken Norrena

    Thanks guys!

    Additional plans are to hammer smooth the area on the hood that originally accent the hood spear trim, and weld all holes for the trim on the car, like on the Sam Barris 41. Will be very smooth.

    I also have the original front metal convertible top bow, and most of the rack, so there will be a padded lift of top eventually.



    I too like the direction you are planning – congrats on the new project!



    Jus' creepin' along..



    “like on the Sam Barris 41”

    you mean George Barris 41 Buick Roadmaster

    Coming or going Georges -41 Buick is a marvel in streamline design !

    George Barris 41 Buick Roadmaster

    George Barris 41 Buick Roadmaster rear view


    Ken Norrena

    Yes of course Ulf, George’s 41, a little mind slip on my part 😅

    I love this pic of George getting a ticket, that hood side is soo smooth and flows beautifully into the fender.

    And the Vic Grace Buick also had no trim.



    Quentin Hall

    Congrats Ken, it appears the Buick is in more than capable hands. Look forward to seeing more progress.


    Ken Norrena

    Thanks Dave and Quentin!

    I am really looking forward to dig into this one, the body is a bit ruff in places, so I have my work cut out.

    I’ll post some pics as it progresses.





    damn Ken…this is cool. more 40´s Kustoms to Scandinavia. the car is in the right hands for sure



    Ken Norrena

    Thanks Palle!

    I plan to steal some tricks from your Cadillac thread regarding making the lucite taillights and wing windows 😁

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