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    Bert Gustafsson

    That’s great news, and it looks awesome!



    Ian Gibbons



    Andy Corralez

    Excellent!  I love white primer!




    i too love it in white…thanks. i will focus on having the JS on the road. i am still working on the Caddy, but i am afraid to do things to fast, and make stupid decisions. so it will be ready when its ready. but it is in the paint boot at the moment…i still have two colors in my mind, and trying to decide wich one to use. probably the hardest thing for me.
    more later..


    Paul(hombres ruin)

    great to see history come full circle

    Respect tradition



    Wow, nice! I was wondering when this would come back to life…super cool, Palle 🙂


    Jeff Neppl

    One my all time favorites .


    Rik Hoving

    More progress on the Jack Stewart Ford.

    Palle and his team are putting the car back together so that it can be driven in white primer for some time. Just as Jack did back in 1951.
    The first few meters have been driven in the car, and Palle hopes to make a real test drive soon.
    Very exciting to see the car like this.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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