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    Rik Hoving

    Jack Odbert’s 1936 Ford Cabriolet is perhaps my personal favourite Harry Westergard Custom. The car has such a wonderful Classic look with all the right touches and perfect proportions.

    A good number of years ago I had heard some rumours that the car had survived and was in the hands of the Odbert family. So I had high hopes that one day we would see this Iconic Custom back on the streets again.

    Jeff Boone contacted me a while back mentioning that he is now the new caretake of the Jack Odbert 1936 Ford and plans to do a full restoration of the car. Unsure at this moment is which iteration the restoration will be, but no matter what version it will be, the car will look stunning.

    Jeff has been collecting parts, photos and information to start soon on the restoration of this historic Custom Car.

    Jeff, the new caretaker of the original Harry Westergard Custom has been keeping this car a secret for a while, but recently decided to let the rabbit out of the hat in hopes to discover more history and photos of this car. Jeff is planning to start the tedious restoration process this fall 2023.

    We also do not know exactly when the car was built. The looks of the car indicate it might have been restyled shortly after WWII. The earliest photo we have seen of it is however from 1950, when it was photographed at a local Chevrolet dealer showroom car show in Sacramento. The newest parts we can find on the car, are from 1947.

    These black and white photos are from an elder gentleman in Oregon. And show the car in its earliest Westergard iteration. The car has flat Hood-sides and louvered Fender skirts. Later Jack had Dick Bertolucci add ’36 Chevy hood sides to cool the engine, but he did not like the look and had Westergaard restyle the hood again to include 1934 Pontiac hood-sides (see the color photo)





    Jack-Odbert-1936 Ford-Westergard-Jeff-Boone



    “The passing of the torch” as Garry Odbert (left) and Jeff Boone take time for a photo memorizing this historical transfer of Harry Westergard’s best rendition of a customized Cabriolet.


    If you have any more info on this Harry Westergard 1936 Ford Convertible, Any old photos, or anything else, please let me know. Much appreciated.


    As soon as Jeff starts the restoration I will start share the progress. Really looking forward to it.

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    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Rik Hoving

    A little more history information on the Jack Odbert Ford can be found in THIS CCC article.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    These are very great news! I’m very curious how the car looks in „as found“ condition! With the amount of resurected old customs over the past ten years, it‘s soon time for a „Customs Then & Now Part 2“ Exhibition!!!


    Looking forward to how this plays out.


    As a side note, a fellow I know in Sydney has a couple of 36’s. One was a project – this was about 15 years ago – and he aquired a La Salle grille for it. The same as on this car. I thought it was pretty cool, but when I had it in his hand he said it was bigger than he thought, too big, so he sold it. He never even tried it in the car.  Of course,as we can see,  it is not too big at all.

    Missed opportunity I say.

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    Mild Mitch

    Good news! This car has always been a favorite and intriguing to me. Iconic in the way the Matranga Merc is too. This is THE 36!

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    Clearly a beautiful early icon trad kustom , I’m hoping its restored to its early version like the pictures show . The car contain some close to impossible pieces to source , lets hope the bumpers are still with the car , as I can see its two rear bumpers from 1942 Oldsmobile , how many of those are left out there ? The grill looks like a -37 LaSalle grill which comes up every now and then even if the old pot-metal castings are prone to be pitted and cracks easy .  I’m really looking forward to pictures of this gem being restored !!



    The grill looks like a -37 LaSalle

    Yes, I stand corrected on that. Had a brain fart. Don’t know why I typed Caddy, but I fixed it, thanks.


    Hmm the bumpers seems to be 1941 Oldsmobile as well , atleast the 1942 Oldsmobile rear bumper guards looks the same as 1941 Oldsmobile bumper guards and the bumper rail seems to be the same both years soooo 1941 Olds was ofcause a full production year which raises the possibility to find … still I have only seen one set sold in my years of looking around = quite obscure bumpers to find :


    sold gone down the road 🙂 !!


    One way of getting hold of two bumpers for 2000dollar with the only downside of leaving a complete project car without bumpers , still its only a 4door , lol … here is a -41 Olds project car for sale:

    1941 oldsmobile – $2,000 (Seattle)




    One front 1941 Olds bumper on eBay :

    1941 oldsmobile series 66 base FRONT BUMPER USED

    Olds bumper

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