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    Rik Hoving

    Gene Winfield broke his hip while on Car Show tour in Finland. He is in the hospital, doing good, but he needs to fly home with a special transport.

    Johnny B Good organized a GoFundMe Funding Campaign to generate enough money to fly Gene home to California

    “Recently our good friend, mentor and Hot Rod & Custom Car Idol, Gene Winfield was on a car show tour of Europe. While in Finland he had an accident and broke his hip. This required surgery including a stainless steel plate and screws. The surgery went off without a hitch and he is recovering and being moved out of a critical care unit to a recovery unit. Though it gave us our first “Bionic Customizer”, due to prior medical conditions, oxygen and healing requirements he can not be transported by regular means to the US and his beloved shop in Mojave, Ca.  This will require a specialized transportation for medical purposes. These flights are extremely expensive and are his only means of transportation back to us in a timely manner so he can heal in the comfort of familiar surroundings and people that can give him the care and love that we all know he deserves. This is where we, his beloved friends, fans, admirers, supporters and loved ones come in. We need YOUR help to get him home. Every donation helps no matter how small it may be. It is the least we can do for all he has given and taught us over the last seven decades of devotion to our favorite passions and creations. As a devoted car customizer, race car driver, teacher and mentor I am reaching out for him to all of these communities for help in this endeavor. Thank you and remember “Every Day is a School Day!!!!”  Lets bring Gene home together!!!!”





    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Larry Pointer

    It has been really heartening to see how car folks from all across the Globe have come together to help out Gene Winfield through his time of need.  He has inspired so many, and contributed so much.  A real icon, and a great, caring guy.  Thanks to Rik Hoving for alerting us at the CCC, and pointing us to the GoFundMe fundraising site set up by JohnnyBeGood.  Jumping in early on, and watching the swelling response all across the World, to see the fundraising goal met and exceeded in such a short time…beyond words.

    Get well soon, Gene.  Knowing how many out here love and respect you surely can help give you encouragement.

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