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    Hi all,

    I want to introduce you to a product made for custom car builders. The product is a chassis jig called Multi-Jig.

    Multi-Jig is a lightweight and sturdyĀ modularĀ jig made to suit your building needs. It’s designed to give you ultimate adjustability, accuracy, and flexibility without compromising the rigidity that comes with other chassis jigs.

    There are several pre-made kits available, among them being the Hot Rod kit. The kitĀ features two 1850 modules assembled into one 3700mm (145.5 in) long jig, 400mm (15.75 in) legs, crossbeams and support legs with fixture plates for resting your wheels, a wire tensioner for an accurate chassis middle point, and more.

    An addition to the Hot Rod kit is theĀ optional plate wheel (pictured below) made for easy and accurate adjustment of side fenders.

    For more information visit our website at

    Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and I’m looking forward to be hearing your thoughts!

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