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    Hello All,

    Let me introduce myself, I’m Rick (another one), living in the Netherlands and a custom car fan for quite a while. Always interested in Americam 1930-1960’s car culture and utter style. Helped by games like Street Rod I and II as well as later Motorcity Online (sorry I’m from the early PC-game generation) got me really hooked and made me make a note for a bucket list, creating custom car / boattail once. That was more than 20 years ago and sadly other things came accross (like starting a family, buying a home etc) that delayed my plans.

    As living in quite canal-rich side of The Netherlands I made a slight detour on that. I do have a passion (maybe among other Custom cars fans)  for classic 1940-1960’s  Mahogany boats as well like Chris craft, Riva’s, Hacker’s etc. To enjoy some recreation in Spring and Summer, I decided to buy a 18ft boat from a old Metal-craft teacher. A steel rump with Mahogany decking (at that point the best of both worlds for me, practical steel rump, shaped quite well, with a stylish front and back hood/decking. For me the task to redo the decking, add deckseams, get the needed deck hardware as well as redo the interior. For quite a while I’m looking for some casted windshield brackets for quite a while. Found quite some vintage stuff, but as my boat isn’t a Chriscraft, I will leave that for the originals and look out for some NOS/Aftermarket ones. Quite a nice market so quite hard to find some I like/fits the boat. A friend of mine mentioned the elephant in the room, having a look into the Custom car or Hot Rod scene, ended at this forum. I also thinking about having a late 1930’s style Ford/Pontiac dashboard, but one thing at a time.

    So here I am, trying to share some ideas and plans.  I shall share some pictures.

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    Mild Mitch

    Welcome to this wonderful forum Rick. You have a beautiful boat! I too, have been involved with boats all my life, and custom cars, sports cars and hot rods as long as I can remember. I’ve mainly had sailboats and rowing craft over the years.

    I really like your boat. It would be relatively simple to create the windshield parts that you want. And make them what you desire. At least if you or someone you know has basic welding skills. It should be a fun project!

    Thanks for sharing your photo. And post more please.

    Mild Mitch


    Welcome Rick !

    Being a traditional custom car fan you find the right place , many wonderful designs were created in the Streamline Moderne era . My favorit as far as boats are the around 1940 barrel back Chriscraft boats but quite out of my reach , still alluring ! Thanks for showing us your boat !


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