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    The next step -as far as I know – in the evolution of the ’41 again came from information supplied by “chopped49merc” on Rik’s FaceBook page.  In his update he stated when Al moved to Florida (mid 90s?) he sold the car only to buy it back again.  I’m not sure how long or how many folks had the coupe in-between, but it had received a pink(!) paint job over the blue lacquer..

    FB_IMG_1463501540267 copy

    “chopped49merc” also mentioned that Richie Keene peaked the hood – so there you go – perhaps both fellas worked at the same shop, or perhaps the hood was peaked and then redone?

    So, sometime after Al bought the car back he took ill, tried selling it and, if I have this right, arranged for a broker to sell it after he passed away.

    Jus' creepin' along..


    Now, while searching for just the right custom, I spotted an ad in early June, 2011 on the H.A.M.B. for a sensational looking 1941 Mercury!  Text messages were sent back and forth to the owner in Alabama while I got the lowdown on the ins and outs of the car.  The story went that the owner inherited the car from his father who had purchased it in Florida.  It had been a popular and reliable car to take to local shows and his dad had enjoyed the car very much.  It was his dad who had changed the car to purple which I discovered later had been layered over top of the pink.  Layers were starting to add up!

    One of the stories I heard while in the process of having the car inspected was that the hood had flown up and the flames that were now on the car needed retouching.  The owner had done these to match his Harley and I have to say they were very well done.  Speaking of Harleys; after the hood was repaired he added a HD throttle cable as a tether to help insure the hood didn’t do any further damage – a clever idea I thought.

    2890_nais 195 copy


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    mike sutton

    just a heads up dave, “chopped49merc” name is anthony white. he was the youngest member of the kustom knights and owns a historic merc built by frank maratta in the ’50’s.


    Thanks for keeping me on my toes Mike.  Sometimes I get information indirectly and, although I like to credit folks (when appropriate) the internet can sometimes hide identities – even innocently..  Appreciate the help!



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    As mentioned earlier in this story, I became the next owner of the ’41, taking delivery in July of 2011.



    The next three years were spent enjoying the car while dealing with the typical sorts of service and maintenance one would expect from driving a car which had had little use during the few years prior to it’s arrival here.  There was a pretty serious gas leak from a roll-over valve which had been installed too low on the chassis, and the rad gave up the ghost after a year of cruising – basic things really.



    Now I noticed while going through my images from this time period, that 90% are taken from the rear even though the ’41 Mercury has (in my opinion anyway) a beautiful front end!  Even though those “chameleon” flames were well done, I just was not happy with them on a car with this styling..  Along with a very nice but very ’90s interior of tweed, tilt and after market gauges I was feeling the urge to put my own stamp on things.  Drat!  The whole idea behind finding this gem was that I could just enjoy it as-is.  Hmph!



    The spring of 2014 was to be a turning point..




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    That’s funny Dave….your Merc and mine had many similarities when we got them in their 90’s charm. Although, mine didn’t have tweed, but white pleats on pillowed ’85 Buick seats is pretty close. LOL You did a great job bringing yours around…I’m looking forward to the story of how you did it. Mine is still in transition with half a set of ghost flames and Buick seats….but no billet.


    Plenty of fellows in similar shoes I’d wager Dave, since there seems to be several cars from that era kicking around.  Great building blocks for traditional style builds I’d say!


    I’ve followed your “resurrection” of the your Merc. too and look forward to more instalments!



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    The hoist at a buddy’s shop became available and it was decided to have a close look at the underpinnings of the Merc to confirm the impression of a solid foundation.  Not so much..  I have no way of knowing what the condition of the car was when Al Sinclair purchased it, but it would be a safe bet that it had had it’s fair share of repairs long before he became the owner!  If New Jersey winter roads are as wet and salty as they are here – well, not good for metal!  There was some indication of some subtle cracking in the roof work and once it was up in the air it was clear that at least the rockers needed attention.

    So after penny saving for a few years to be able to work on the car – a date was set for my friend to move it into his shop.


    Delivery to Ramsay’s Rod Shop in June of 2014.

    DSCN5139 copy


    Inspection begins in some suspect areas..

    DSCN5145 copy


    Okay, enough “poking around”, let’s get to it!

    DSCN5150 copy



    DSCN5155 copy




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    Hmmm, some more.

    DSCN5158 copy


    From the inside:

    DSCN5160 copy


    Now, to be fair to all those involved, this was a club effort over a weekend and I have it on good authority, that the plan was to get the shape correct and then Al was to take it to a shop for proper bodywork and finishing.  I don’t know whether anyone saw or knew what took place after the initial shaping in the driveway – but there ’tis!


    One of several lap-welded panels we discovered under all the paint; probably old rust repair long before Al ever saw the car..

    DSCN5179 copy


    A neck’d ’41 one week later (took a lot of work to sand off the blue lacquer):

    DSCN5244 copy




    Jus' creepin' along..



    I can just imagine the group chop being much like a youth group car wash at the church….lots of hands working, but some spots bound to be missed….and lots of fun just the same. 😀 It’s kind of funny how much stuff can still work and survive even though not done right on the money. I guess it’s the area in which it’s done as well. Had those gaps been left on a fender exposed to elements, it would have popped out a long time ago. Every custom has a story….sure is fun to learn how everything got to be the way it is and all the memories folks shared along the way. When I got my Merc, the tail lights were actual stained glass “blue dots”. Not my taste for sure, but the Lee lenses that were put on it when it was built got stolen at some point and the guy I got the car from was into stained glass for a while, so he just added his own unique touch. I love stuff like that….even though I swapped back to Lee lenses. 😉 (the stained glass ones hang on my wall though LOL).


    Dave, I see you “get” it!  All we can try to do is make each subsequent ownership a little better than those before..  Have to say it held up very well and if we hadn’t dug into it no one would be the wiser!  The car looked damn good for a long time and I’ll bet those involved were having the time of their lives!



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    Ian Gibbons

    This is a cool thread Dave! Look forward to seeing more of the transformation.


    Thanks Ian!  You may wish to look away though..

    A few “buried treasures” – cosmetic at this point:

    DSCN5241 copy

    DSCN5236 copy


    DSCN5239 copy



    Jus' creepin' along..


    Tackle the big job first?

    DSCN5267 copy

    Neil decided to address the “catwalk” first..



    Old metal removed and new stuff going in..

    DSCN5259 copy

    An improvement already don’t you think?!

    DSCN5266 copy



    Jus' creepin' along..


    Okay now.  The roof should have this shape:

    DSCN5272 copy

    A shim or two and we’re in business!

    DSCN5269 copy

    Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt..

    DSCN5275 copy

    Much better, we’ll come back to this later..

    DSCN5288 copy



    Jus' creepin' along..

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