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    Doug Charter

    Hi ….. Ahhhhh …. the wonders of photo shop…really gives glimpses of the future ….really has the factory custom look from the special purchase room….


    Quentin Hall

    Not much progress the past week or so. But I did get the E and J headlights. Seems there is a love hate relationship going on with these. I’ve always loved em. Guess it’s my teenage love affair with Ruxton and Cord and their use of Woodlites and E and Js.

    Last Friday night I was having a beer pondering what to do with the cowl and pulled the grille forward and was surprised at the difference a longer nose makes. All these ideas will just ferment away for a little while whilst I try to source front end parts and steering columns etc.



    Rik Hoving

    Quick photoshop…

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Larry Pointer

    Yes!  It captures the coach-built look of the 30’s perfectly.  Lends balance to that streamlined boat-tail.  And hints of a period perfect, powerful long in-line engine?  23 Skidoo, Quentin and Rik.  It’s the bee’s knees!


    Quentin Hall

    Stumbled onto this exquisite 35 Amilcar. IMG_0307



    That’s a nice bum.

Viewing 6 posts - 151 through 156 (of 156 total)

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