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    Another intresting project , abit new with alot of old streamline design , Randy Grubbs the creator of the Decopods:



    Very cool indeed!


    mark wojcik

    I could probably write an answer about 10 times as long as this, but I’ll try to be brief.

    I’ve been building customs for almost 40 years now, learning it from an old time body guy and customizer from the 50’s. Started out with the easier stuff (nosing, decking, shaving) and progressing to changing grills, taillights, headlights, partially replacing panels, reshaping some. The skills needed to progress from the easy stuff to the hard builds upon what you’ve already done. It takes time, practice and experience to go “higher up” the metalworking ladder.

    When I worked on the Kopper Kart clone, I was the lead body guy,, so to speak. We fabricated about 20% of the truck’s body “from scratch”, perhaps more. It was definitely more difficult than anything else I’ve ever done. Just learning to make bucks, wire frames to visualize and check panels, were new skills. Again, more time, practice, experience.

    I used that experience to further customize my 47 Chevy, into straying farther away from stock lines, using bucks, wireforms, etc. You can find my build pics here on the CCC.

    My next project was an off topic, late model car. On this, I started by framing the rear of the car out, and making a full trunk skin and half the inner structure from scratch. Then full quarters, and half the rear doors. Came out so well, that the owner let me go to town on the front end. Here I used some different make factory pieces to adapt to the car (fenders, bumper, grill) but had to make the hood entirely from scratch, and do it out of aluminum. I had to research and learn to work with tubing, for the steel framework, and then learn the subtleties of shaping, and welding aluminum. It took months to get the hood right, esp. the welding part.

    Summing up: to be able to build an entire car from scratch is an enormous undertaking. Using many more skills than regular customizing teaches you. Making hinges work, sub structures, skinning panels, making everything symmetrical, making sure panels open and close without interference, Getting hood, trunk and door openings the right shape, matching side to side, etc. It’s a lot more than you think!

    I may be at the point where I feel confident enough to tackle a whole body, both myself, and a friend want to build our own versions of favorite cars , his a modern Delahaye, and I’m leaning toward a slightly redesigned Phantom Corsair. I’m still a bit leery whether I’ve got the drive, and skill to do it, though. Maybe even the time left in life to do it!

    Oh, and an additional thought, even with the technical skills, tools, and enthusiasm needed, you still need the artistic ability, in many respects, drawing, proportion, design, sculpturing ability, to make something pleasing to the eye.


    Brian Arcella

    Insanely beautiful, I actually took time away from shop time to watch this and was impressed beyond words. With all the tools he has in his modest shop by far the best tool is his mind and his vision to see his project finished even before he started it. IMO it would take a life time to master the use of all the tools he uses to his skill level. 

    Thanks for posting this quite interesting and inspirational not back to work on my rusty old Plymouth 


    Bert Gustafsson

    Building one from scratch would really be something, but I guess that even the super skilled proffesional coachbuilders of today have to spend crazy amount of hours to build a full fendered streamlined body. I think it’s pretty cool though that there is a market so new Delahayes, Ferraris, Gullwings and other amazing cars can still be built.
    I made this many years ago when my kids still were small, and I suppose it is the closest I will ever get. Ok, ok, I know, it is not what this thread is about, but we had a lot of fun and it was built from scratch.





    That’s pretty bad ass just the same, Bert!


    I realize what everyone’s saying, but I’m still going for it.  I just have to.


    Not that it’s car related, but I’m always making things.  Not the world’s best pictures but I made both the table and lamp from scratch (not the lamp shade).



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