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    Jack Ripper

    I’ve been told that the body panels on a 41 Buick are the same as Chevy from the firewall back. I’ve tried to verify this but no one seems to know for sure. The front hood and fenders are said to be 8″ longer than chevy because of the straight eight. I don’t know if this is common knowledge to most but I’d like to know. Thanks, Jack.


    Mild Mitch

    I’ve heard this too. But don’t really think so. There may be a few Buick models that share a tiny bit. But I am doubtful.  I have a ’41 Buick Special (46s) sedanette, and a ’47 Chevy coupe. Fenders certainly aren’t the same. I had to replace the windshield division bar that is welded to the body. The antenna thru the roof allowed water in destroying the original. (Vacuumed up the remains). I replaced with a div. Bar from a ’41 Chevy. The piece was taller and the screw placement was off just a little. I sectioned and shortened it to fit.


    Soooo, I don’t think very much if any parts would directly crossover. But that said, wish someone could clear this up. Maybe which models and parts are equal.





    Hi Jack !

    When Im google 1941+Buick+production line there is two different Special models , A-series and B-series , GM had three different basic bodys that was chaired by all GM brands . Chevrolet used A-body so Im guessing Buick Special A-series had A-bodys , still -41 Chevrolet has a filler part between the front edge of the door and rear of the hood , something I cant find on -41 Buick Special . However this design is precent in 1940 Buick but 1940 Buick had runningboards and not rockers so I dont think there is a bolt on -41 Buick front end on a -41 Chevrolet . The closest I guess would be the -41 Buick Special A-series front end but there was only 26999 of those Buicks made compered to 213743 B-series -41 Buick Specials so good hunting !



    Jack Ripper

    I did a little more research myself today and found this, 1941 Buick Buyers Guide from Harwood Performance.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometime in early 1941, Buick decided to build a smaller Special series based on a 118-inch wheelbase and using Chevrolet bodies (refer to CHART 2). These are referred to as “A-Series Specials” and are the only Series in 1941 to use the _4 and _7 model number designations. These A-Series Specials featured traditional trunks unlike the regular production Specials (B-Series, using the standard  _1 and _6 designations) which were all of fastback or “torpedo” design. Station wagons were only available on the 121-inch wheelbase B-Series Special chassis.

    According to them they did use a Chevy body  in 41 on Special Coupe. I’ll have to check my serial numbers but I know I have a model 44s. I know the grills were somewhat the same as Chevy but with the straight eight it seems the front fenders and hood had to be different. Now that I think about it when I did my top chop I needed a piece of inside window trim and a friend of mine gave some 41 Chevy trim that worked good.

    The difference in the space in front of the door was to make up for the wheelbase difference as far as I can tell.

    If some one has more info let me know. If you want you can go to Harwood Performance web site to get more info.


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