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    Rik Hoving

    So incredibly sad to hear that Bob Drake from Indiana passed away on March 14, 2021. Bob is perhaps best known for the restoration in the early 1970’s of the Jack Stewart 1941 Ford.

    I met Bob twice and spend several hours on the phone with him. He was a very kind man, and loved to tell stories about the Jack Stewart Ford, how he found it, what it meant to him, how he restored it, and most of all how he enjoyed it on his countless Road trips he made with the car. He was so very passionate when he talked about his car passion. In September 2010 Palle Johansen and me visited Bob on our Jack Stewart Ford Research Trip. The were welcomed by Bob in his Fortville Indiana home. He had every piece of history on the Jack Stewart Ford collected and spread out on the kitchen table, ready for us to research. We spend a whole day with him, and could easily have spend the rest of the week there. He had so many great stories.

    In 2013, when the Jack Stewart Ford was at the GNRS in bare metal. Bob Drake flew out to the show to be part of the display, and met Jack Stewart for the very first time. Two previous owners of the Jack Stewart Ford had so many stories to share, and with the bare metal Ford in the background listening to those stories was magic.

    So long Bob… hope you will be cruising your beloved cars in heaven… Thank you for all the great stories, and being such a great guy.





    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Mild Mitch

    Oh man, sad to see this, rest well…


    Yet another passionate car guy gone..  R.I.P..



    Jus' creepin' along..


    That generation is passing fast.

    Those of us that build customs today walk in the footprints of giants.

    Condolences to his Family.


    Mild Mitch

    You are absolutely correct Torchie. Much respect to all those before us that made this what it is.


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