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    Rik Hoving

    Anthony White is sharing some really amazing 80’s and 90’s photos taken by Bill Barrile.

    Bill is an excellent photographer capturing these beautiful custom from the very best angles. The color on these have shifted a little… but just look past that!

    All words by Anthony White.



    “Here’s Jim Walkers 50 Merc convert as shot by Bill Barrile I stared at it on a poster in my room for hundreds of hours as a kid. It is an old Ohio Kustom.”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-01


    “Wanna see the best 40 Coupe ever? Here! It was built by the great “Top Chop” Charlie Brewer for Ohio Kustom collector Jim Walker. Bill Barrilesnapped this gem!”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-03Bill Barrile-Collection-02


    “Here’s the front of Jim Walkers 36 Roadster as shot by Bill Barrile When I was 10 years old this thing looked like it blasted off the Robert Williams painting and this pic is from the same angle.”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-04



    “This comes out of the stable of famed Kustom collector Jim Walker of Dayton Ohio. Best 36 Roadster I ever saw. This pic was taken in 1985 in Springfield Ohio by you guessed it, Bill Barrile. In the back ground we have Ernie Roth’s Long Island NY based chopped 51 Merc, “ Low & Lovely” that had just been painted by Joe Maneri!”Bill Barrile-Collection-05


    “Here’s some prime time “Top Chop Charlie” Brewer cooking from the early 80’s. The car was owned by Tom Gitzinger Ttgitz Mbenz when Bill Barrile shot this pic! I wasn’t far away. I was there too. The car is a clone of the famous Duane Steck “Moonglow” 54 Chevy.”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-07Bill Barrile-Collection-06


    “In In 1985, The first real “Low Rider” in upstate New York, Bill Barrile shot pics of Barry David’s 41 Ford in Springfield Ohio. As a child I thought it must have been a Barris or Ayala car but later in life I learned that it was built by an unknown shop for Don Reid from Rik Hoving. I however suspect Ayala involvement but that’s just an opinion. I’m sure Rik might agree.”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-08Bill Barrile-Collection-09

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Rik Hoving

    “This wicked 40 Merc was shot by Bill Barrile at the 1983 Leadsled Nationals. It was featured in the show coverage in Petersen Publishing’s “Custom Cars” or maybe even Classic & Customs event coverage. It was from Virginia so I always wondered if it was the one Lee Petersen showed up with a decade or so later but I never saw Lees in person, only a bad pic”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-10Bill Barrile-Collection-11



    “Pic by Bill Barrile. On one hand I could write a book about it and on the other, I know nothing. 1981”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-12Bill Barrile-Collection-13


    “This 48 Chevy convert that Bill Barrile shot in the early 80’s done by Burns berryman from Pontiac Michigan in the early 80s.”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-14


    “Barry Mazza Look at this pic by Long time upstate N.Y. Low Rider and Kustom nut , Bill Barrile I remember this day like it was 34 years ago!”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-16


    “Here’s another insane Bill Barrile pic from a day I remember well in 85. Backshot of Barry Mazzas, Dick Dean chopped masterpiece.”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-15


    “Pic by by Bill Barrile. I have wanted this pic for 35 years!”

    Bill Barrile-Collection-17Bill Barrile-Collection-18

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

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