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    Rik Hoving

    Living Custom Car legend Barry Mazza has been working on a lot of very interesting Customs in his life. Including the Herb Ogden 1941 Buick, now owned by Kurt McCormick, a 1950 Mercury inspired by the old Ayala/Barris Louis Bettancourt Mercury and the 1955 Chevy the Aztec, which Barry still owns himself. And besides those cars numerous other very interesting projects.

    For the last year or so he has been working on his latest project, and 1946 Ford long door coupe that he will turn into a late 1940’s early 1950’s Custom Car as if it could have rolled out of the Ayala and Barris shops.
    The top on Barry’s Ford is inspired by the Barris Kustoms restyled Cliff Rackohn 1947 Mercury.

    Barry has been sharing his progress on the car on his facebook… and we will be following the project and add new material when Barry sends it. Right now the car has most of the body work done, and Barry is working on fine tuning the body to get it ready for paint.

    46 coupe long door. Stripping bare. Filling holes.

    Well….today…onward. frenched the other headlight. Love the smell of burning undercoating.

    Well another attack on this poor stocker. Closed the parking light pod…..I feel merc madness….its driving me to this assault..dam!

    Please forgive me…..stock guys. …now no stopping. More desecration……parking light pod is just a awful closed scar.

    Well…..got the axe out…wacked off that super ugly strip on the hood. Madness is taking hold. Some one stop me!!!!!!!

    Moving slower but. ..Moving. Closed the tail lights. .filled about 20 trim holes. Now what? ??

    Been working my day time job so not much metal butchering going on…..HOWEVER. ..did l ouver the hood on my buds press.

    I hate that super UGLY strip in the middle of the hood…….Started to remove it..stopped here. ..now its bugging me again…got to GO!

    A little time today to close in the other tail light and gas door on the 46 Tail light had been pushed in. Deal with that later.

    Small amount of progress. ..got the bumper braces lower pan off.
    To be continued.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Very slowly removing stuff to get to fenders. Everything is covered with THICK under coat making it extra hard. More later.

    Considering problems with a 6 inch channel….old timers raised fenders and sectioned the hood.trying a plan B.???

    Moving slowly into the belly of the beast. ……bone stock flathead.

    Went back to the scene of the crime. Took off the front fender’s. Some joker shaved off all the fender bolt heads. .fun and?

    Finally got the “FUDGEMOBILE”..stripped off and now to put in the Chevy rear and eliptical springs..slowly.

    Setting here in shop waiting for flat bed to pick up Fudgie ……going to Dales new shop for some mods that I can’t do here.

    Finally. ..on this hot ass morning. 46 on the flatbed heading to Dales shop for Chevy rear install. Pushing forward.

    Dales guy gave Fudgie a total bottom end steam bath.Said Fudge was to filthy to go in new shop.Wife named it Fudge cause of colour of dark TEXAS rust. I guess?

    Just did a compression check of this 1961 Caddy 390. 160 to 185 . I’m optimistic. This was the best of the series. Still had 4 speed hydro. Put this in the 46.??

    Confess time….ever sence I saw Jack Stewarts Sled in Custom Cars 1952..I wanted a channeled Ford.
    60 plus yrs coming but..WOW..7 INCH drop over. Brian is doing the deed at DALES PAINT AND BODY.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    After Dale and myself consider the drop… (note frame in trunk)…we’re going back up at least 2 inches. Drop is extreme! Head room and engine placement consideration.

    In preparation to putting in the Chevy rear on Posies springs….cut out the drop stock spring crossmember. .cleaner look.

    New firewall going together. Floor boards next. Getting there.

    Next ..trial fit of 390 Caddy. X member chop needed. Also Brians recess firewall. Getting there.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Talk about..”on the ground”….Dale boxing the frame. Pulled the body.

    After having frame sand blasted…went over to Custom Paint@Body and painted the frame with Zoloff enamel. One of the tuffest coatings ever…used on off shore rigs. Put the body back on next week.

    “TWO HOURS OF PUSHING BROOM”..Roger Miller. Ok…frame is all coated. Ready for body and new mounts.

    Talked with Custom Paint @ Body owner Dale about Caddy engine. We might fire it up and run it????

    Picked up the trusty 350 Chevy mill. Its only got 2grand on Jasper. So good by Caddy hello Chevy.

    Dale got my tranny on engine and built on the Hurst mounts. Got the engine set and rear angle set.

    Dale and Brian setting up body biscuits prepairing to drop the body back down on my frame. They GET ER DONE!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Made up this pod for mount…Dale didn’t like final position due to distributor clearance. Removed the mounts..go back to front position.

    Got the 65 Caddy tilt column hooked to the stock Ford steering box. Got rebuild kit for box. Tried and true simple way to go.

    Got it on the correct tires..decided to go with 7:10 /15 on the front. Got a pair of 49 Merc rims.

    Dale put the 46 up on the lift to final some welding. We’re checking out sway bar clearance with Posie low spring..hum??

    Sick and tired over stressing over lift pods due to channeling rhe Ford…took a plunge with old jack stands upside dowm. Pull out the stand when not needed on lift.

    Lifting problem solved for now. Lift pods will be below fender.

    Decided to close up the oxygen vent…the way it rains here plus this ride is going to have OXYGEN…AIR CONDITIONER!

    After cutting and “adjusting” wishbone caster added some gussets to give me peace while driving. Overkill when it comes to safety.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    The jack pods are perfect for the lift pods. Now I can proceed to the front end and brakes ect. Make some progress.

    Maintaining safety..time for rebuild of front everything. New “ROYAL” king pins. Tie rods brakes steering cross link hoses.

    Not quite a section job but….the amount of body drop on my 46 coupe. LOL!

    New wheel cylinders hoses springs wheel bearings…hope for the future…hitting the road.

    Wow….if I moved any slower..just seems to take so long these days.
    New king pins..shoes..cyl..hoses. spring..shackles..bushings.
    Now the rear..missing parts..emerg bk.

    Some how the front sway bar got way out of sync. ..??? Noticed when putting in new bushings…little massage required

    Finally. ..after trying some goofy idea..fabed up some serious brackets and now thats done.
    On to the dash..putting in some S/W inst.

    Time to get the dash shaped up and painted. Texas crud plastered on it. Taking out the ash trays…don’t smoke plus they were melted. Lol

    Using the die grinder to put in holes for s/w inst. Metal is paper thin so forget knock out or saw.

    I’m amazed that this is progressing with out taking me to the twilight zone. Looks like I can squeeze them all in the stock panel holder.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Ok…got the S/W inst installed in the panel. Now to fit it into the stock gauge pocket. Hope to finish it Friday….LOL!

    Little more progress. ..closed up the ash trays…now in prime almost ready to paint…color??

    Noticed with all the moving around the bushing dropped out of the Caddy column. It went to that far away place where any thing that hits the floor goes…twilight zone. Oh..to my far away pals.
    Temp here in my garage 89 DEGREES.

    Some more progress. ….stripped the dash…massaged the metal with 150grit some prime now paint.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Putting in the electric wiper conversion. .not exactly the “easy” bolt in as described. No stock radio with this set up.

    Little more progress on 46 project…finished up install of cadillac aluminium btake pedal assembly. ..added 10ga brace to cowl to help prevent flexing. On now to dash reinstall.

    Trying to keep my cool..any one thinks these repo parts are ready for prime time…get real.
    I wondered why the studs had Allen grips on one end…hum..now I know.!!!

    Adding a few more parts…next some wires

    Prewired as much as need be..ready to go in

    Starting to rework emergency brake handle to clear hanging brake pedal. Last thing under dash.

    Quickie modification of emergency brake assembly due to receded firewall. Just get er done and forget it.

    Making up my own cheap ass fuse panel
    Put it on the firewall before dash goes in

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Taking my “NEW” cheap bastard approach. .making my own gas pedal from junk.

    Well..I guess this about it…needs the dash!

    Well allright!! Not a big deal but.it is old guys

    Little bit….more on slowmoving 46. Got in steering box and 60 Caddy tilt column.

    The Eerie looking wheel house…Ha!

    First blood…gutters are off…hum?

    Why should any one have to ask???? Is it chopped????

    All. Set to bogie…..no green tape…just cut!!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Me and my bud/neighbor Jack dropping the lid down…tomorrow get set in position for welding.

    Got the four corners down and tacked. Tomorrow Jack and I will square it up and glue it solid.

    Me…with Jacks help tacked down more and measured as best you can…its chopped.

    Kustom Knights jacket hanging where I hung it 25 yrs ago. Marking my dis association…LOL

    Dam…all done and not one inch of green tape to be seen….ok..just fool’n now comes the weld fest…LOL

    Moving corners…6 of them!

    Two corners set…4 to go. Then fill in curve.

    Pecking around on the post..I think this is about it…you chop a car near 7 inches and its not easy put back…but..old butchers rule!

    Getting a little more into it!!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Short work day..got things lined up on left quarter window. ..one patch in. Little avanti

    Well…little more wire this AM….LEFT side is nearing what I want..next week rear window

    Left quarter window is shaped up good…both quarter windows under control.

    Well I sort of hate next dance…torn between doing it the way I know or let my bud Dale at Paint and Body do the sides on the Pullmax which will save tons of splicing and running wire. See which way the wind blows????

    Decided to go with the Pullmax/wheel method.So…installing the rear window

    Lining up rear window assault. ..not to bad!

    Ok..trimming and slices done..little more trim and time to glue it together. .next week!!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Lock and Load….off we go miles of wire!!

    Closing in..HOWEVER 90 degrees plus in the shop is grinding me down..what can you do?

    I got 400 inches on this roof NOT counting thè door tops and quarter windows. Do we go into the Welders Record book???
    Early on worked in a heating co assembly boiler boxs…God only knows..miles miles..tired bro..

    Oh.wow…Victor just pulled in driving the Kart

    Another piece….this looks like the last.?

    In spite of all the stuff going on…I did get the last filler cut and fitted..little more adjust and tack in in the roof.

    Final puzzle part…right side..now welding fun!

    My friend Dale Warrington of Paint @ Body called to tell me he has in his possession a few spools of .023 EASY GRIND wire.
    Not easy to find these days..this will sure make my top work go a little more easy as well.

    More progress on left in spite of 90 plus degrees

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Well….forging ahead but…getting bummed thinking of whats ahead….PLASTIC…the dreaded put it on..take it off…what can you do????

    Fitting in the last section to close up the left.

    Left side is all glued up and knocked down next week move forward stay away for a couple of days.

    Back at it after some time “off the job”…doing top of the doors

    working on door tops…fun!!

    Slant door post allignment HELL!!!

    STRANGE..wilst welding on the door frame I hit lead….now behind I see a gas weld repair..on the door post…must been wacked at one time??

    Getting on top of it now…lined up and trimmed

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    Back on the chop after a few days away from it..getting the door under controll. .hope to put in bear claw tomorrow. …LOL!

    I’LL be damed…now it makes perfect sense!

    Got my glass shipped for the 46…”HANDLE WITH CARE”….HUM?

    So much for the HANDLE AND CARE…broken windshield. .both door glasses. .shit happened

    Got the bear claw set in. So progress after drinking week end

    Jesus…finally….this door took more Hrs than the top…just some welds to grind down..LOL!!

    Sat. Morning assult on left door..in the stretch! !

    Cutting out for bear claw latch….L.O.L.

    After the chop….not much left over…REALLY!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing


    Rik Hoving

    The final stretch…I’am about burnt…

    Got the left door 90% welded up..hit the new gutter line Monday…allmost got it YA

    After chopping and channeling this Ford…I wonder what will happen when I cut out braces

    Just finishing off left door and MIG.leaves me broken hearted….all most done..vacation then plastic..got to restore “Little Sparky”…

    Tightening up the gap on the left door and its on to finish off….FINALLY done. (Sort of)

    Now I dark etching primer….wow..long haul!

    Dam…just when you think its over…its NOT!

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

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