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    Tobias Binsch

    Hello everybody,

    I just bought my new project Car.

    A 1940 Chrysler Convertible.

    The car is already disassembled and been in storage for a long time. No engine, no tranny, no axles.

    But all body panels and most of the interior is there.

    This will be a lot of work and a long time built/project.


    Tobias Binsch

    Some of you might know my current Car and last project, my golden 1952 Chevy Styleline Coupe from the Kustom Styles Thread.

    Kustom Styles 1949-53 1952 Chevy Coupe Project

    I want to do the Chrysler in a late 40’s Style,

    Or maybe shortly after WWII.

    Here are some pics of an original convertible when done.1940-chrysler-windsor-convertible (2)1940-chrysler-windsor-convertible (1)


    Tobias Binsch

    Since there are not many of them kustomized, and even less as a convertible i just take my Inspiration from some 40’s Styled, high class early 40’s Cadillac, or Buick Kustoms.

    Because i think this is the style i want to go.

    If someone has any pics of 1940 Chrysler Convertible Kustoms, maybe even with a Carson Top, it will be great to post here.

    Maybe someone could also make a Quick Photoshop of the Chrysler i posten before, with only lowering it and make a +-2,5″ Chop with a carson top. That would be awesome. 41barrisbuick3-viimage (1)400px-Al-lauer-1941-cadillac-harry-westergard-8 (1)CCC-george-barris-buick-sacramento-trip-feature

    Larry Pointer

    Tobias, with your eye for style and skills, this will be the perfect project.  The Chrysler is just begging to become a mild custom.  Love the simplicity there, especially the grille.

    Tobias Binsch

    So as i said i think this will be a long time project,  also because of the fact that i have some changes in my life and have to wait at least 1 year until i can Start.
    But i will take this time to see what i like and what i want to do.  Maybe also collecting parts for it.

    Here are my plans for now:

    +-2,5″ Chop,  Padded Carson top

    1948 Cadillac Grill

    Frenched Headlight rings

    1941 Cadillac Bumpers

    Fenderskirts (maybe 41 ford?)

    Molded fenders and splashpans, rounded corners

    Nose and Deck it

    Appleton 112s

    Set in licence plate

    Taillights in Bumper Horns

    Super Cushion www and Cadillac Sombreros

    46 lincoln door Buttons

    Molded Runningboards

    Shortened hood trim

    Maybe 1 piece hood?

    I also like the 49 Plymouth bumpers,  i have to think about that.

    Since the whole drivetrain is missing i will go for late 40s Chevy front axle, 235cui straight6,  th350, camaro rear axle, something like that. I already got an engine for it.





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    Tobias Binsch

    Thanks larry,

    Before i Was not really into early mopars, but i Fell in love with the lines of this Convertible i think it will make a great kustom.

    We will see how mild it would be.

    But i think it will become a really mild and classy looking Radical kustom 😜

    James D

    Nice project.

    Where are you based? Germany?

    Tobias Binsch


    Yes i am german living in south Germany

    James D

    Thanks. Yes i am german living in south Germany

    I’m an English guy near Frankfurt. I’m really interested to see how you get on with this and also the TüV.

    Tobias Binsch

    I will post my progress James.

    For TÜV you need to know where to go, some of them are really square and got no sence for cars like that. If you get to someone like that there is no chance

    James D

    That’s been my experience too, even trying to get some small modifications on my Käfer through the TüV! It seems easier for them to just say “no”, than actually help you.

    Rik Hoving

    Fantastic new project.

    One suggestion on the chop. These cars have a rather wide top, compared to many others from the same era. The windshield opening on these is very square compared to for instance a 1941 Ford that have the A-pillar lean in at the top. On regular top cars this is hard to fix, but on a convertible it is a relatively “easy” fix.

    So my suggestion is when you take out the about 2.5 inches from the A-Pillar, you might as well take out some metal from the windshield header and narrow it a little bit so that the A-pillars will be bent inwards a little, making the roof of the car narrower when viewed from the front. This will make the car more streamlined, and more elegant… in my opinion.

    Enjoy the beauty of Customizing

    Tobias Binsch

    Thanks for your input Rik. That is a great suggestion . You really got the eye for it.

    So maybe a good inch out of each side and narrow it👍


    Design trumps function for me as well , one thought is how the window in the door will mate with the carson top edge , for some cars there is enough room in the door to angle the mech to match the “futher in” top edge but some has narrow room in the door , just “my two cent” !


    Tobias Binsch

    Thanks Wolf,

    I will check this before i start cutting😅

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