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    This 1965 H.A. VIVA VAUXHALL G.T. COUPE. It was General Motors answer to the FORD Lotus Cortina. In 1965 the biggest race known in the land DOWN UNDER was the ARMSTRONG 500. The rules stipulated that the car had to as it sat on the show room floor with the spec upgrades. This was before the Homogenization of race cars rules of having to sell so many cars before they could be raced.

    This 1 owner SURVIVOR Vintage ” SIR JACK BRABHAM ” World Formula 1 race champion, Authorized several of these models to be able to run in the 1965 ARMSTRONG 500. They ran in the ” A ” class and the car that won in 1965 was this TU- TONE combo. Sadly at the next meet the car was rolled and totaled and was a wreck.

    The car is going to be in a photo shoot at the LAKE SIDE RACEWAY and a meeting with Jack Brabham’s Son is being organized and the car will be AUTHROIZED 1 OF 1.

    So if you collect cars or formula 1 race cars this will add to your collection and is very RARE and unique.

    This car has been raced at the Australian LAKE SIDE track witch is 1 of the few surviving original tracks.

    This SURVIVOR is a number match paper work car with all its documents from being delivered new. All the running gear minus things like spark leads are original.

    All racing livery is hand painted with a brush with sign writing enamel.

    The car is currently on display in Motorsport Museum with other vintage historic race cars.

    This vintage Historic Race Car is being offered for sale in SALINAS / Monterey California U.S.A and is able to be shipped to Los Angeles or else were in the world.

    The Auto is ready to be loaded into a container awaiting its new owner.
    The Auto will be shipped via HONG KONG.

    The Auto has a clean title and is currently tagged D.M.V. and runs and drives.

    The Auto is being offered only due to down sizing my personal collection as I have too many cars spread around the world it is becoming hard to manage and deal with.

    Any one interested in this historic race car can contact kustomland@aol.com for further information and price on application.

    Any one wishing to make an offer is also free to and all offers considered

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